Feed (2005)

DVD Cover (Danger After Dark)
Genres / Traits: Erotic Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Thriller, Food
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Brett Leonard Brett Leonard
Alex O'Loughlin Alex O'Loughlin
Patrick Thompson Patrick Thompson
Gabby Millgate Gabby Millgate
Jack Thompson Jack Thompson
Rose Ashton Rose Ashton

5.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: August 03, 2006
According to Wikipedia, feederism is a real fetish that involves a "feeder" and a "gainer", with the idea being that the feeder gets off on being in complete control of the gainer after having fattened them up to the point where they can no longer move around or care for themselves. Tonight's film uses that fetish as the basis for its storyline, and all I can say is... damn.

Michael Carter (Alex O'Loughlin) is the feeder in this movie, and not only does he fatten his ladies up until they're over the six-hundred pound mark, but he also runs a website (nice marketing for the film, there) that allows users to place bets on when the gainer will die. Deidre (Gabby Millgate) is his latest attraction on the site, and this draws the attention of Philipp Jackson (Patrick Thompson), an Australian detective that is fresh off a German cannibalism case (nice usage of real events, there). This cop decides to travel to America in order to put a stop to the psychopath, but he's surprised to find that Carter is a well-spoken, intelligent and very crafty man. Putting an end to this fellow's exploits won't quite be as easy as flashing a badge and a gun, and that's all I'm going to say about the storyline. There's more to it, of course, but going too much further into the plot would ruin the surprises.

One of the things that I liked about the film is the same thing that I disliked the most about it; this film can't decide on whether it wants to be a thriller, a black comedy, or simple exploitation fare. There's elements of each to be found here, and not in the sense that it's all blended together into one neat little package. Each scene picks and sticks to one of the variety of styles, so instead of winding up with a humorous or thrilling exploitation scene, you wind up with one or the other before it moves on to the next choice. Variety is good, but it would have made for a much better film had the styles been blended together just a bit better, in my humble opinion.

The other problem that I had with the style of the movie was the music-video editing that is used throughout large chunks of the running time. Instead of simply showing us what is going on, the director decides to switch between dozens of different shots or images to get the given point across, and at times, it was almost like watching the trailer for the movie instead of watching the actual movie itself. Thankfully, this effect is almost entirely dropped after you get about thirty minutes into the movie, but it bugged me enough to point it out regardless.

Now then, with that out of the way, I still enjoyed the hell out of this movie. The storyline found within is both entertaining and original (hell, I'd never even heard of this fetish prior to popping in the DVD), and watching Carter manipulate his victims was not unlike watching Hannibal Lecter in action. He's very well-spoken and knows how to get his point across, and while his character portrayal didn't quite convince me to go online and find myself a gainer, he did indeed bring up some valid points about why he indulges in this fetish. You also get to see how he convinces these women to go along with his plans, and never once do these discussions come across as fake or contrived. If Michael Carter had been a real guy instead of a character on a screen, I don't think that he'd have any problems with finding dozens of ladies to go along with his little website operation, and that's a huge testament to both the strong script and the talented actor behind the role.

The effects found within this film are quite good, in the sense that they're both realistic and highly disgusting. Deidre weighs 602 pounds, and she spends almost the entire movie either nude or close to it. It's truly a repulsive sight, and that is far from the best (or worst) that the film has to offer in regards to the gross-out factor. Towards the beginning of the film, you watch as Jackson browses a website geared towards fans of women who have sex with horses; by the time the credits roll, those images seem tame in comparison to the things you've just witnessed.

Although it did have some problems, this one still gets a recommendation from yours truly. The storyline is solid, the actors are convincing, and the effects will repulse you - for that, I'm going to go with an 8/10.
Ginose #1: Ginose - added 07/29/2007, 03:36 AM
Saw a trailer for it on a DVD... which DVD now? Was it "Hard Candy"? Ah, I can't remember... even with that gracious review, I'm not sure if I want to got throught the trouble of tracking this one down... Hmmmm... what to do... what to do...
blarc #2: blarc - added 01/04/2012, 06:04 PM
alright... I'm going in. Found it and I'm taking the plunge.
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