Slaughter Disc (2005)

DVD Cover (Steel Web Studios)
David Kwitmire David Kwitmire
Robert Williams Robert Williams
Jewels MacKenzie Jewels MacKenzie
Kristen Quitmeyer Kristen Quitmeyer
Gabe Messer Gabe Messer
Ashley Rees Ashley Rees

4.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Hardcore Sex Film, Horror, Sex Horror
Mike loves porn. Unfortunately he is blinded by his addiction to XXX entertainment as it slowly eats away at every aspect of his life. One day a mysterious DVD arrives in the mail and Mike quickly begins to realize there is a much darker side to the world of adult entertainment. Bondage, Murder, Self-Mutilation, Cannibalism, Necrophilia - these are just the icing on the cake of this journey into Hell. --TMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: August 28, 2006
Horror and porn - what more could a male horror-junkie ask for from a movie? Now, before you scoff at this thinking that this is just another one of those movies that you see on late-night Cinemax, let me say that this is the real deal. Slaughter Disc is a legit horror movie, not just a weak storyline thrown together in order to show off some skin, and when I say that it's a porn, I mean just that - it's a hardcore, very explicit adult movie that doesn't shy away from showing actual intercourse. This is by no means a new concept in the world of film, but rarely does the combination work out so nicely.

The storyline centers around a porn-addicted loser named Mike (Robert Williams). As it turns out, this addiction is ruining Mike's life; he's just lost both his girlfriend and his job due to wanting to spend every waking moment in front of the television watching porn and jerking off. He decides that the best way out of this situation would be to drown his sorrows in his favorite vice, so he heads down to the local adult video store to purchase a few new movies. While browsing the store, he comes across a magazine with a gothic-looking lady on the cover that poses the question "Why is she banned in every country?" Intrigued, Mike asks the clerk to explain the story to him, and an explanation is quickly given. This woman that goes by the name of Andromeda Strange (Caroline Pierce) is a porno star that is involved with some seriously fucked up movies. The clerk doesn't go into detail, but that little nugget of information is more than enough to convince Mike to check out this lady's website and purchase a movie.

The DVD arrives the next day, and Mike wastes no time in checking it out. The movie starts out innocently enough; Andromeda does a little striptease before breaking out a slightly-spiked dildo and using it on herself until she has a fairly bloody orgasm. Then, things get a little more bizarre when Andromeda pulls out a straight-razor and cuts her own wrist and throat. Still believing that this is just some well-produced fetish porn, Mike turns it off and carries on with his daily routine. When he decides to watch it again the next day, he finds out that the movie has changed, and the content continues to change each time he watches it. Not content with mere self-mutilation, Andromeda shows Mike snuff, humiliation, and torture - and each time he watches the disc, the film strikes a little closer to home.

When it comes to mixing hardcore porn and horror together, there's really not a whole lot of movies out there that I can easily recommend. Most of them get the mixture wrong, and what we usually end up with is either a porno with some cheesy storyline and horrible effects or a low-budget horror flick with a couple of sex scenes. Either way, they're usually pretty bad to say the least. That is definitely not the case with tonight's presentation; director David Quitmeyer put together a film that blends the two genres together seamlessly, and watching this really makes you wonder why everyone else has such a hard time getting it right.

Now, although this film shows everything that happens in the bedroom, this is not the type of movie that you'd pop in to get off with... unless, of course, you get off on watching a man having his head beaten in with a hammer while Andromeda bathes herself in his brains. Although the men found within these segments usually ejaculate on or in Andromeda, these gore sequences are the real money-shots of the film. Also, these sex scenes are explicit, but as I mentioned, this is not designed to titillate the viewer. Each scene is relatively short compared to honest-to-goodness porn, so there's never the feeling of "Alright, we get the point, let's get on with the movie" that usually turns out to be the biggest problem with these types of films. Again, Quitmeyer has pretty much set the standard for how these movies should be made.

Even though the porno aspect of the film is the main thing that I've emphasized so far in this review, the horror side of things works out just as well. Yes, there's an actual storyline to be found here, and the movie isn't just a mixture of sex and gore sequences for ninety minutes. Although a very few pieces of the story could have used some work in order to produce an even better movie, this storyline could have easily been told in a normal by-the-books horror film without using the hardcore stuff; however, I must admit that the film probably wouldn't have worked out as well without it.

It's certainly not for everyone, as the porn will probably put off those of you looking for a straightforward horror movie and the horror will definitely ruin the mood for those of you wanting to get your rocks off. However, if you're a fan of both horror and porn or if you just can't believe that the two can be mixed together into one hell of a movie, check this one out. Highly recommended, 8/10.
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