Daddy's Home (2006)

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Overall Rating 46%
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Suzanne Kovi
Suzanne Kovi
Michael Marks
Michael Marks
Lillian del Rio
Lillian del Rio
Review by Chad
Added: September 06, 2006
Alright kids, I'm going to be honest with you; this is a short film that takes the "short" part to heart. It clocks in at just over a minute long, and normally, I'd just send the director a "good job" email and leave it at that. However, this one is particularly good, and given the subject matter, I don't think that a longer running time would have added anything to the presentation.

The storyline presented here, while fictional, is a depiction of acts that occur daily throughout the world. It shows the pure terror that a little girl goes through daily when her violent, abusive father comes home and takes his anger out on those closest to him: his family. With the exception of a few facts and statistics before the credits, there's nothing else here save for this one minute peek into the world of a terrified little girl and how she attempts to best deal with the situation at hand.

I have to give credit to director Alex Ferrari for his work here, since it's a very accurate portrayal of abuse and how it can affect children the most. We never learn the names of any of the people involved here, there's no storyline to build up to this moment, and there's no happy Hollywood ending to cheapen the work. Because of all that, Daddy's Home is a very sobering glimpse into the world of an abusive relationship.

The general look and feel of the film also adds a lot to the presentation, as its shown through the eyes of this little girl in a choppy, hazy, and almost dream-like fashion. You, the home audience, are seeing exactly what she sees daily, and to me, the events depicted here are more disturbing than any horror film could ever aspire to be.

Overall, this is a damned fine piece of work that tackles a sensitive issue in a straight-forward, realistic fashion. It's currently scheduled to screen at a number of film festivals, and it's also available for online viewing through their website. I've been sworn to secrecy about the online location, but if you send an email to the fellows at The Enigma Factory and ask nicely, maybe they'll send the link to you. With both this and the wonderful Broken on his resumé, I can safely say that Alex Ferrari is a name to keep an eye on in the coming years. 8/10.
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