The Darrel Show: 5th Anniversary Spectacular (2000)

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"The Darrel Show" was a star-studded extravaganza hosted by the one and only Daryl from The Darrel Show! It is entertainment variety made up of short films, in-studio interviews, documentary and musical video segments, and then topped with a no-holds-barred philosophy on comedy! --Amazon
Review by Chad
Added: September 14, 2006
According to the press materials that were sent to me along with this three-disc set, The Darrel Show was a short-lived television show that aired a grand total of four episodes on local access television in Arizona. The reason that the show was short-lived, according to this press material, was due to the numerous complaints from the concerned citizens of Phoenix who objected to the content found within the show. So then, with that in mind, this DVD set features the four episodes that did air, along with a very large chunk of material that was recorded for the show but never used; in fact, the third disc contains nothing but said extras.

So then, what is The Darrel Show? The best way to describe it to the uninitiated would be something along the lines of The Late Show With David Letterman Monty Python, with short films replacing the obligatory musical guests. These shows feature on-set comedy skits such as "Satan Klawz", a fellow that looks just like one would imagine, who brings a couple of his "hoe hoe hoes" to the show while another mentally-challenged guy named Wags walks around with eyes for these ladies of the night to the chagrin of Satan. Darrel also makes a few trips to other locations to host the show, including his birthday bash in Mexico where he attempts to score some steroids and whores before getting drunk off his ass, as well as a swap meet featuring a performance by Tammy Faye. Rounding out each of the episodes is a short film that usually runs for three or four minutes and featuring storylines such as a You Got Served-inspired dance contest between Satan and a guy who wants his soul back.

If it wasn't blatantly obvious, the show caters to those who want something a little different from the world of sketch comedy, and adding to the oddness of the show is Darrel himself. Darrel, you see, seems to be slightly retarded, to be blunt. I'm thinking that it's part of his character, but to be honest, I couldn't really tell - he's either a damned good actor or a genuine retard. This leads to some pretty interesting segments, such as when he cuts off an Asian filmmaker mid-sentence in order to ask if he'd make love to him. It probably doesn't sound very funny in writing, but watching Darrel with his oblivious smile and watching this filmmaker squirm uncomfortably amidst a very awkward silence is something that really has to be seen.

The shows seem to be pretty hit or miss though, with some segments (such as the above) turning out to be comedic gold while others fall completely flat. For example, there's a recurring segment on the shows in which a dorky-looking guy recites poetry to the camera in some of the most unamusing skits of the entire series. Doing this once would have been alright, but doing the same skit over and over again definitely did not work, in my humble opinion. Thankfully, just about everything else found within the episodes is a one-shot deal, so if you find something that you don't like, you'll never have to see it played out again.

Some of the best material from this set is found amongst the unaired segments, which I'm pretty sure were unaired due to the racy nature of the material. In one, Darrel sends one of his men to the AVN Awards show, where we get to see plenty of adult film stars along with some humor, while another features a female stripping / boxing competition that starts with fists and ends with an almost-nude make out session. There's also some appearances by musical bands here, such as Dr. Know, Dropkick Murphys, and Phunk Junkeez, which mix live performances with interviews and such. Even though I'm not a fan of them, the segment with the Dropkick Murphys was by far the best thanks to their energetic performance as well as a clip of the guitarist blowing his cigarette smoke in the face of their bagpipe-player throughout an entire song in an attempt to make him screw things up.

Overall, the series was hit or miss, but it featured more hits than misses. If you're looking for some good laughs mixed with some "What the hell?" moments, then the price (free) on this set is well worth it. Yes, you can get your grubby little hands on this DVD set for a mere penny (a requirement of PayPal which is reimbursed) over at their official site, so you really have no reason not to give this one a watch. The fact that it's actually pretty good is just icing on the cake. 7/10.
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