Cannibal Campout (1988)

DVD Cover (Camp Motion Pictures)
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Overall Rating 42%
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Jon McBride
Jon McBride
Amy Chludzinski
Amy Chludzinski
Christopher A. Granger
Christopher A. Granger
Richard Marcus
Richard Marcus
Gene Robbins
Gene Robbins
Review by Chad
Added: December 02, 2006
Camp Motion Pictures is a new company that branched off from Alternative Cinema, and one of their goals is to give some DVD loving to those obscure horror titles from the eighties. These are the sort of movies that made me the horror junkie that I am today, and I have fond memories of the extensive horror section at my local video store where titles (and covers) like this one would pop out and grab my attention. I'll admit that it probably wasn't healthy for a kid who hadn't even hit his teens to be so engrossed in the world of horror, but damn it, I had a blast. I think it goes without saying that I was ecstatic when I heard about the formation of this company, as there are literally hundreds of these types of movies that definitely deserve a good DVD release (or hell, a DVD release period).

The title of this film easily sums up the majority of the storyline. Four young adults - Jon (director Jon McBride), Amy (Amy Chludzinski), Chris (Christopher A. Granger), and Carrie (Carrie Lindell) - decide to throw logic aside and go camping for the weekend in an area where several murders and disappearances have been reported. There's the "campout" portion of the title, and the "cannibal" part comes by way of three men - Rich (Richard Marcus), Gene (Gene Robbins), and Joe (Joseph Salheb) - who spend their time hunting, killing, and eating humans. I'm sure this next part of the synopsis will come as a complete shock to you readers, but these cannibals just so happen to be the cause of all the murders in these woods, and these campers are next up on the menu.

Alright, so it's not a particularly deep storyline, but did you honestly expect as much from a movie entitled Cannibal Campout? No, but you do get everything that you'd expect from a title like this and then some. The emphasis of this movie, much like the vast majority of every other low-budget horror released during the home video boom, was to show as many murders and as much blood as possible within the time and budget constraints, and on that front, the movie is a rousing success. Viewers will also get a dose of some very dark humor courtesy of Richard Marcus, a man who is genuinely funny in a sick, "Let's laugh at dead babies" sort of way.

The movie was shot on a camcorder by a first-time director who had no budget whatsoever and who used unpaid friends and family to round out his cast. Needless to say, this isn't Kubrick, but it's shockingly well done nonetheless and far surpasses a very large portion of today's direct-to-video market. The death sequences are particularly nice, as each and every last one of them delivers a heavy dose of the red stuff and a couple are actually unique. Then we have the grand finale, a scene which I won't spoil, but let's just say that it features one of the sickest "kills" I've seen in some time and that it's one of those visuals that will stick with you long after the title and everything else surrounding the movie has slipped your mind.

If you pick this up expecting a horror masterpiece complete with a rich plot and a shocking final twist, you'll probably be disappointed. If, however, you pick it up knowing full well what a title like Cannibal Campout will contain - that being a stacked body count, lots of blood, and plenty of steaming entrails - then you definitely won't regret your purchase. 7/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 12/04/2006, 10:56 PM
I remember seeing this on the shelves at a mom and pop movie store when I was about 9, and not being allowed to rent it. 10 years later, and I still haven't seen the damn thing. If anyone knows of a torrent, they'd speak up.
Chad #2: Chad - added 12/05/2006, 11:41 AM
It hits DVD next month, so you'd probably have better luck then.
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