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July 23, 2021

Old Old (2021)
It's a perfect beach day, or so thought a family, a young couple, a few tourists, and a refugee. All of them end up in the same secluded, idyllic cove filled with rock pools and sandy shore, encircled by green, densely vegetated cliffs. But all is not as it seems; this utopia hides...
6.1 / 10
Settlers Settlers (2021)
Remmy and her parents, refugees from Earth, have found peace on the Martian outskirts until strangers appear in the hills beyond their farm. Told as a triptych, the film follows Remmy as she struggles to survive in an uneasy landscape.
4.6 / 10
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes (2021)
After saving the life of their heir apparent, tenacious loner Snake Eyes is welcomed into an ancient Japanese clan called the Arashikage where he is taught the ways of the ninja warrior. But, when secrets from his past are revealed, Snake Eyes' honor and allegiance will be tested -...
5.9 / 10
Joe Bell Joe Bell (2020)
The true story of a small town, working class father who embarks on a solo walk across the U.S. to crusade against bullying after his son is tormented in high school for being gay.
5.2 / 10
Here After Here After (2020)
As Michael is lifted from the scene of his car crash and finds himself in a very bright room with a very strange lady, he learns that for his soul to reach the next plane, he needs to find a mate. If you think dating in life was hard, in death it is harder.
4.9 / 10
Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, And Rage Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, And Rage (2021)
Woodstock 99, a three-day music festival promoted to echo unity and counterculture idealism of the original 1969 concert but instead devolved into riots, looting and sexual assaults.
7.2 / 10

July 27, 2021

Every Breath You Take Every Breath You Take (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: July 27, 2021
Every Breath You Take is a searing psychological thriller about a psychiatrist, whose career is thrown into jeopardy when his patient takes her own life. When he invites his patient's surviving brother into his home to meet his wife and daughter, his family life is suddenly torn...
5.3 / 10
Midnight In The Switchgrass Midnight In The Switchgrass (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: July 27, 2021
FBI Agent Helter and his partner Lombardi are very close to busting a sex-trafficking ring. When they realize their investigation has crossed the path of a brutal serial killer, they team up with a Texas Ranger to put an end to the infamous 'Truck Stop Killer'.
4.4 / 10

August 03, 2021

Those Who Wish Me Dead Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 03, 2021
A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him -- and a forest fire threatening to consume them all.
6.0 / 10
Lucky Lucky (2020)
DVD Release: August 03, 2021
A suburban woman fights to be believed as she finds herself stalked by a threatening figure who returns to her house night after night. When she can't get help from those around her, she is forced to take matters into her own hands.
5.1 / 10
Seance Seance (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 03, 2021
At the prestigious Fairfield Academy, an elite boarding school for girls, six friends jokingly engage in a late night ritual, calling forth the spirit of a dead former student who reportedly haunts their halls. Before morning, one of the girls is dead, leaving the others wondering...
5.2 / 10
Here Today Here Today (2021)
DVD Release: August 03, 2021
When veteran comedy writer Charlie Burnz meets New York street singer Emma Payge, they form an unlikely yet hilarious and touching friendship that kicks the generation gap aside and redefines the meaning of love and trust.
6.3 / 10
Under The Stadium Lights Under The Stadium Lights (2021)
DVD Release: August 03, 2021
Milo Gibson and Laurence Fishburne star in this inspirational true story of a small town high school football team who beat all the odds to win their state championship. After a crushing defeat ended their prior season, everyone counted the Abilene Eagles out of title contention....
3.8 / 10

August 10, 2021

The Misfits The Misfits (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 10, 2021
After being recruited by a group of unconventional thieves, renowned criminal Richard Pace finds himself caught up in an elaborate gold heist that promises to have far-reaching implications on his life and the lives of countless others.
4.2 / 10
Finding You Finding You (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 10, 2021
Finley, a talented aspiring violinist, meets Beckett, a famous young movie star, on the way to her college semester abroad program in a small coastal village in Ireland. An unexpected romance emerges as the heartthrob Beckett leads the uptight Finley on an adventurous reawakening,...
6.1 / 10
The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2 The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2 (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 10, 2021
When best selling author Carl Black moves his family back to his childhood home, he must team up with oddball neighbors to do battle with a pimp, who may or may not be an actual vampire.
3.5 / 10
Queen Bees Queen Bees (2021)
DVD Release: August 10, 2021
Helen is an independent widow who moves into the Pine Grove Senior Community and discovers it's just like high school - full of cliques and flirtatious suitors. What she initially avoids leads her to exactly what she has been missing: new friendships and a chance at love again with...
5.9 / 10
5G Zombies 5G Zombies (2020)
DVD Release: August 10, 2021
The human race struggles to survive as governments have conspired to turn the citizens of the world into zombies via their new 5G cell service.
1.5 / 10
Dark Stories: Season 1 Dark Stories: Season 1 (2019)
DVD Release: August 10, 2021
What if Demons, the Living Dead, Evil Dolls, Djinn and other Extra-terrestrial creatures came to haunt our apartments, houses, cafes, museums and other places of daily life? What would we do? How would we react? Dark Stories tells five tales of gripping terror in a fantastic...
5.9 / 10

August 17, 2021

A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 17, 2021
Diana Bishop, historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, but he's a vampire and witches should never trust vampires.
8.0 / 10
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 17, 2021
The world's most lethal odd couple - bodyguard Michael Bryce and hitman Darius Kincaid - are back on another life-threatening mission. Still unlicensed and under scrutiny, Bryce is forced into action by Darius's even more volatile wife, the infamous international con artist Sonia...
6.2 / 10
The Water Man The Water Man (2020)
DVD Release: August 17, 2021
Gunner and his mother share a special bond. She supports his daydreaming and artistic pursuits, while his frequently-on-the-road father, Amos, with whom Gunner shares a strained relationship, has other ideas about where his son's interests should lie. Gunner and his dad attempt to...
5.1 / 10
Shook Shook (2021)
DVD Release: August 17, 2021
When Mia, a social media star, becomes the target of an online terror campaign, she has to solve a series of games to prevent people she cares about from getting murdered. But is it real, or is it just a game at her expense?
4.2 / 10
Stay Out Of The Attic Stay Out Of The Attic (2020)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 17, 2021
A group of ex-cons-turned-movers are convinced by their creepy client to pull an all-nighter. As the night progresses, they uncover the horrors that exist inside his old Victorian mansion.
4.6 / 10

August 24, 2021

A Return To Salem's Lot A Return To Salem's Lot (1987)
Blu-ray Release: August 24, 2021
Joe Weber is an anthropologist who takes his son on a trip to the New England town of Salem's Lot unaware that it is populated by vampires. When the inhabitants reveal their secret, they ask Joe to write a bible for them.
4.3 / 10
Lansky Lansky (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 24, 2021
When the aging Meyer Lansky is investigated one last time by the Feds who suspect he has stashed away millions of dollars over half a century, the retired gangster spins a dizzying tale, revealing the untold truth about his life as the notorious boss of Murder Inc. and the National...
6.4 / 10

August 31, 2021

12 Mighty Orphans 12 Mighty Orphans (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: August 31, 2021
Haunted by his mysterious past, a devoted high school football coach leads a scrawny team of orphans to the state championship during the Great Depression and inspires a broken nation along the way.
7.0 / 10

September 07, 2021

Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War (1996)
Blu-ray Release: September 07, 2021
Jobe is resuscitated by Jonathan Walker. He wants Jobe to create a special computer chip that would connect all the computers in the world into one network, which Walker would control and use. But what Walker doesn't realize is a group of teenage hackers are on to him and out to...
2.5 / 10
Great White Great White (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: September 07, 2021
A fun filled flight to a remote atoll turns into a nightmare for five passengers when their seaplane is destroyed in a freak accident and they are trapped on a raft, 100 miles from shore with man-eating sharks lurking beneath the surface.
4.1 / 10
Femalien: Cosmic Crush Femalien: Cosmic Crush (2020)
DVD Release: September 07, 2021
The star hopping Alterians are back on a cosmic caper of conjugal consequence. When an ancient hunger is awakened in the far reaches of space, the Alterian High Council sends newly ordained Collector Maxy Prime to investigate with her nimble sidekick, Gabby Minx. There they...
6.0 / 10
House Monster House Monster (2020)
DVD Release: September 07, 2021
A struggling actress named Jen self-quarantines at home to weather a global pandemic. Something joins her. Whatever it is, it's hungry. And as the days wear on, it gets bolder - and more talkative. Jen must confront the monster in her house. But first, she must confront the monster...
-- / 10

September 14, 2021

Alone In The Dark Alone In The Dark (1982)
Blu-ray Release: September 14, 2021
Thanks to a major power cut, a gang of psychopaths breaks out of the Haven maximum security mental institute in order to lay siege to the psychiatrists who have tormented them over the years with their bizarre theories.
6.1 / 10
Out Of Death Out Of Death (2021)
DVD & Blu-ray Release: September 14, 2021
A corrupt Sheriff's department in a rural mountain town comes undone when an unintended witness throws a wrench into their shady operation.
3.1 / 10
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