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Pool Party Massacre Pool Party Massacre (2017)
What started out as a relaxing summer day by the pool for a group of high maintenance young socialites quickly becomes a nightmare when an unknown killer begins stalking and murdering them one by one.
 / 10
Final Destination 5 Final Destination 5 (2011)
While on a business retreat, Sam has a premonition that he, his co-workers, boss, and several other people will die in a horrific bridge collapse. When his premonition ends, he tries to make everyone get off the bus....
 / 10
Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another - the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong - with humanity caught in the balance.
 / 10
Andre The Giant Andre The Giant (2018)
From HBO Sports, WWE, JMH Films and Ringer Films comes Andre The Giant, a documentary examining the life and career of one of the most beloved legends in WWE history. The ambitious, wide-ranging film explores Andre's...
 / 10
Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3 (2006)
Six years after students cheated death, another teen has a premonition she and her friends will be involved in an accident. When the vision proves true, the student and survivors deal with the repercussions of...
 / 10
The Final Destination The Final Destination (2009)
While watching a car race at McKinley Speedway, Nick O'Bannon has a premonition of a car crash that will result in many casualties, including several people that are in the audience. Nick convinces his girlfriend...
 / 10
Hatchet III Hatchet III (2013)
A search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces, and Marybeth learns the secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for...
 / 10
The Purge: Election Year The Purge: Election Year (2016)
Two years after choosing not to kill the man who killed his son, former police sergeant Leo Barnes has become head of security for Senator Charlene Roan, the front runner in the next Presidential election due to her...
 / 10
Caesar And Otto's Summer Camp Massacre Caesar And Otto's Summer Camp Massacre (2009)
Caesar, an effete tough guy and his slovenly half brother, Otto, have signed up as summer camp counselors. But when the mysterious Carrie shows up, the other counselors start disappearing one by one.
 / 10
The Dead Don't Die The Dead Don't Die (2019)
In the sleepy small town of Centerville, something is not quite right. The moon hangs large and low in the sky, the hours of daylight are becoming unpredictable, and animals are beginning to exhibit unusual behaviors....
 / 10
Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)
When Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead! Things get steamy between the girls, until they accidentally unleash the half-pint,...
 / 10
H20: Bad Luck H20: Bad Luck (2021)
1. Rickey Shane Page vs Marcus Mathers 2. Atticus Cogar vs Sean Henderson 3. Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan & Gregory Iron vs Rocket, Austin Luke & Reid Walker 4. Aiden Baal vs Chuck Payne 5. Brandon Kirk's OPEN...
 / 10
I Was A Teenage Zombie I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987)
Six high school buddies accidentally kill a drug pusher and dump his body in toxic waters. When the pusher returns as a zombie and goes on a killing spree, their only recourse is to dump the body of one of their own...
 / 10
Killer Piņata Killer Piņata (2015)
A possessed piņata, seeking to avenge the savagery that humanity has inflicted on his kind, picks off a group of friends, one by one, in an unending night of terror.
 / 10
The First Purge The First Purge (2018)
To push the crime rate below 1% for the rest of the year and restore the economy, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) tests a sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one isolated community....
 / 10
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