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BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody (2010)
Page Views: 591
The overrun, bleak dystopia of Gothard City has one stalwart protector: The Bat. In his iconic cape and cowl, Billionaire Bruce defends the city from the scourge of crime. His greatest weapon: his monster cock. He...


Vampyros Lesbos Vampyros Lesbos (1971)
Page Views: 49
Tormented by sizzling visions of explicitly vivid erotic tension, the American lawyer Linda Westinghouse ignoring all warnings, sets off to a remote island off the Turkish coastline to settle the unusual inheritance...


Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed (2001)
Page Views: 49
For years wrestling promotions have presented the hottest women in the skimpiest outfits with the promise that you would see it all. For years you have been taunted and tantalized with the hope that they would bare it...


Bite School Bite School (2015)
Page Views: 47
Playboy millionaire Tony Canoni is caught between a vampire cult and the Lesbian Mafia, but taking on undead blood suckers and the mammary mafioso isn't as hard as studying for his GED test at Night School.


1000 Ways To Die: Season 1 1000 Ways To Die: Season 1 (2008)
Page Views: 41
1,000 Ways to Die, an anthology television series, which aired on Spike/Spike TV from May 14, 2008 to July 15, 2012 showcased shocking reenactments of deaths of individuals who often met the grim reaper in very...


The Shiver Of The Vampires The Shiver Of The Vampires (1971)
Page Views: 40
Blissful newlyweds Isle and Antoine stop off at a decrepit old castle in rural France to visit the bride's estranged cousins, only to receive shocking news. However, the distraught couple decides to spend the night in...


Dead & Beautiful Dead & Beautiful (2021)
Page Views: 36
A group of young and spoiled rich kids turn into vampires after a night out, changing the course of their lives and driving a wedge between them all.


Nocturna Nocturna (1979)
Page Views: 36
Geriatric Dracula owes taxes, so he turns his castle into Hotel Transylvania. His granddaughter Nocturna, books a disco band, learns that she loves dancing and can turn mortal whenever she dances and moves to NY to...


Children Of The Night Children Of The Night (1991)
Page Views: 34
This spine-tingling thriller in the tradition of Dracula and The Lost Boys will take you to the ultimate in supernatural evil: a town where every living soul is a vampire. Everyone... except you. Allburg is an idyllic...


From Dusk Till Bong From Dusk Till Bong (2022)
Page Views: 34
It follows Tony and Spat. They have to smoke lots of weed before a vampire pizza party goes all wrong. Screaming Jay pigeons has to rip out vampires eyes to travel to another dimension to save his love and fight the...


Thirst Thirst (1979)
Page Views: 29
The descendant of Elizabeth Bathory is abducted by a cult of blood-drinking, self-proclaimed supermen who want her to join them.


The Living Dead Girl The Living Dead Girl (1982)
Page Views: 27
Abruptly, the eternal slumber of the once vital 20-year-old Catherine Valmont is disturbed when a violent tremor shakes her damp and somber underground crypt in the very foundation of her once vibrant French château....


Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot (2019)
Page Views: 26
Mecha Fembot, a deadly female cyborg programmed to destroy! Creation of the evil space queen, Metalunan. Only the combined strength of team Giantess Attack can save earth from her evil plot of revenge. See titan...


Vampire Blues Vampire Blues (1999)
Page Views: 26
Rachel, a young American, spends a few days off in Spain. Passionate about horror movies, she buys a T-shirt with the image of an erotic and beautiful vampire. From that moment on, Irina the vampire takes over her...


Hot Chicks Big Fangs Hot Chicks Big Fangs (2013)
Page Views: 25
The dark, mysterious and deviously sexy Bonnie Rotten appears on an old country road to offer her service to three men broken down and stranded. Beguiled, the men follow the seductive vixen to her home where a huge...


Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2 Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2 (2015)
Page Views: 25
The curvaceously dangerous Nikki Benz is the leader of a house full of horny vampires. Immortality has given these ladies an incredible thirst for blood and an insatiable appetite for sex! They have been preying on...


Shadow Of The Vampire Shadow Of The Vampire (2000)
Page Views: 25
Max Schreck's performance in the classic film Nosferatu has become legendary. What if the reason he was so good is that he really was a vampire? That's the premise of this film, which features director F.W. Murnau so...


Codename: Diablo! Codename: Diablo! (2017)
Page Views: 24
A trio of female secret agents are hired to stop an ultra-sadistic villainess and her all-latex S.C.U.B.A Squad frogmen from taking over the world with the stolen Diablo Death Ray Gun. She, the evil Contessa Del'Oro,...


In Pursuit In Pursuit (2000)
Page Views: 24
An attorney is accused of murdering a powerful man after having an affair with his sultry wife.


Vampire Cop Vampire Cop (1990)
Page Views: 24
It's not easy being a cop. Especially when you're a vampire cop like Officer Lucas. But with the city in the grip of a psycho drug kingpin, it's time to pull out all the stops and take a bite out of crime! But now...


Lady Dracula Lady Dracula (1977)
Page Views: 23
A beautiful blonde bitten by Count Dracula 100 years previously is unearthed in Vienna, and soon she goes on a killing spree. The skeptical cop on the case falls for her.


Two Witches Two Witches (2021)
Page Views: 23
An expectant mother, plagued by visions of a blank-eyed crone, helplessly turning to a Ouija board for answers... a rough sex-craving young woman claiming she'll inherit her grandmother's sorcerous powers upon her...


Vamp Vamp (1986)
Page Views: 23
Two fraternity pledges go to a sleazy bar looking for strippers to entertain their college friends. They have problems with transportation, Biker gangs, and worst of all, the staff of the bar, all of whom seem to be...


Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)
Page Views: 22
One of America's most notorious serial killers, largely told from the point of view of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims, and dives deeply into the police incompetence and apathy that allowed the Wisconsin native to go on a...


The Legend Of Marilyn Monroe The Legend Of Marilyn Monroe (1965)
Page Views: 22
A documentary about the life and career of 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, narrated by director John Huston (who worked with her on "The Misfits"). Included are interviews with friends, cast and crew who worked with...


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