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Trauma Dario Argento Movies to Avoid
Fuck these movies.
Maniac My List of Biggest Disappointments
Not all of these movies were bad per say, I either didn't like them at all, or they failed to live up to my expectations. So some of these movies I still like to an extent. Heh, most of you are gonna hate me by some of the movies I put on this
Day Of The Dead My List of favorite Zombie Films
In order
Hatchet Nirrads Best of 2007
In order.
I Love You, Man Nirrad's Best Films of 2009
In no particular order.
Halloween Top 10 Slashers
This is in no way an official list. This is my opinion, and my opinion only. Generic, yes, but it's what I feel is right. You always see these in top 10 lists, but for a reason.
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage Top 11 Dario Argento Movies
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