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Ron Perlman Autographed
Being a nerd of course I visit sci-fi conventions and such whenever I get a chance (mind you that I live in Sweden) and getting something signed is always cool. Here is my collection of people I got autographs from.
Spike Lee E-Beggers
Actors, actresses and directors who have begged for money online.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Horror Movies That Changed The Genre
Some of the most important horror movies ever made.
Crispin Glover My Favourite Actors
My favourite actors of all time in no special order. Don't agree sod off!
Christina Ricci My Favourite Actresses
My favourite actresses of all time. Don't agree sod off!
Tim Burton My Favourite Directors
My favourite directors of all time. Don't agree sod off!
Edward Scissorhands The Best To Worst Of Tim Burton
The best movies by one of the best directors ever: Tim Burton.
Hulk The Worst Films Of All Time
Some of the worst movies I have seen. If you don't agree, you can burn in hell.
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