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Cassy's Profile
Location: US USA - Delaware
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Screenshot Game: Ranked #80: 3 correct
Registered: 12/25/2017, 01:03 AM
Last Online: 12/02/2018, 11:47 PM
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My Ratings - 571 Ratings Total - Recent Ratings
Triangle Triangle
Almost Perfect
A group of friends suffer a yachting accident and take refuge on a cruise drifting on the open sea, but quickly realize they were better off on the upturned yacht.
Halloween: Resurrection Halloween: Resurrection
Serial Killer Michael Myers is not finished with Laurie Strode, and their rivalry finally comes to an end. But is this the last we see of Myers? Freddie Harris and Nora Winston are reality programmers at DangerTainment, and are...
The Craft The Craft
A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft, and they all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who anger them.
Live Feed Live Feed
My Favorites - Recent Additions
YellowBrickRoad YellowBrickRoad
The Mist The Mist
A small town family is torn apart by a brutal crime. As they deal with the fallout an eerie mist rolls in, suddenly cutting them off from the rest of the world, and in some cases, each other.
A Christmas Horror Story A Christmas Horror Story
V/H/S: Viral V/H/S: Viral
My DVD Collection - 8 DVDs Total - Recent Additions
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
Audition Audition
Imprint Imprint
Prince Of Darkness Prince Of Darkness
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