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If you're going through Hell, keep going.
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V/H/S/2 V/H/S/2
Inside a darkened house looms a column of TVs littered with VHS tapes, a pagan shrine to forgotten analog gods. The screens crackle and pop endlessly with monochrome vistas of static white noise permeating the brain and fogging...
The Purge The Purge
Almost Perfect
Given the country's overcrowded prisons, the U.S. government begins to allow 12-hour periods of time in which all illegal activity is legal. During one of these free-for-alls, a family must protect themselves from a home invasion.
The Purge: Anarchy The Purge: Anarchy
Almost Perfect
One night per year, the government sanctions a 12-hour period in which citizens can commit any crime they wish -- including murder -- without fear of punishment or imprisonment. Leo, a sergeant who lost his son, plans a...
The Martian The Martian
My DVD Collection - 31 DVDs Total - Recent Additions
American Psycho American Psycho
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
It's Christmas time and the Griswolds are preparing for a family seasonal celebration, but things never run smoothly for Clark, his wife Ellen and their two kids. Clark's continual bad luck is worsened by his obnoxious family guests, but he manages to keep going knowing that his...
The Passion Of The Christ The Passion Of The Christ
Superbad Superbad
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