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Dragonball Evolution > Credits and Details
Directed by
James Wong James Wong
Written by
Ben Ramsey Ben Ramsey
Akira Toriyama Akira Toriyama
Justin Chatwin Justin Chatwin ... Goku
Yun-Fat Chow Yun-Fat Chow ... Master Roshi
Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum ... Bulma
Jamie Chung Jamie Chung ... Chi Chi
James Marsters James Marsters ... Lord Piccolo
Joon Park Joon Park ... Yamcha
Eriko Tamura Eriko Tamura ... Mai
Randall Duk Kim Randall Duk Kim ... Grandpa Gohan
Ernie Hudson Ernie Hudson ... Sifu Norris
Texas Battle Texas Battle ... Carey Fuller
Megumi Seki Megumi Seki ... Seki
Ian Whyte Ian Whyte ... Oozaru
Richard Blake Richard Blake ... Agundes
Jon Valera Jon Valera ... Moreno
Rafael Valdez Rafael Valdez ... Butler
Mike Wilson Mike Wilson ... Hildenbrand
Freddy Bouciegues Freddy Bouciegues ... Palmer
Shavon Kirksey Shavon Kirksey ... Emi
Julian Sedgwick Julian Sedgwick ... Mr. Kingery
Luis Arrieta Luis Arrieta ... Weaver
Gabriela de la Garza Gabriela de la Garza ... Avatar
Rich E. Cordobes Rich E. Cordobes ... Referee
Hisao Egawa Hisao Egawa ... Yamcha (voice: Japanese version)
Aya Hirano Aya Hirano ... Bulma (voice: Japanese version)
Hiroya Ishimaru Hiroya Ishimaru ... Son Gohan (voice: Japanese version)
Tsutomu Isobe Tsutomu Isobe ... Kamesennin (voice: Japanese version)
Yko Kaida Yko Kaida ... Mai (voice: Japanese version)
Ami Koshimizu Ami Koshimizu ... Chi-Chi (voice: Japanese version)
Mami Koyama Mami Koyama ... Narrator (voice: Japanese version)
Stacey Oristano Stacey Oristano ... Zuzmen
Kappei Yamaguchi Kappei Yamaguchi ... Son Goku (voice: Japanese version)
Hch tsuka Hch tsuka ... Piccolo (voice: Japanese version)
Produced by
Stephen Chow Stephen Chow
Rodney Liber Rodney Liber
Jose Ludlow Jose Ludlow
Rich Thorne Rich Thorne
Tim Van Rellim Tim Van Rellim
Original Music by
Brian Tyler Brian Tyler
Additional Info
Premiere: March 10, 2009
Theatrical Release: April 10, 2009
DVD Release: July 28, 2009
Blu-ray Release: July 28, 2009
Countries: Hong Kong United Kingdom USA
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia Facebook
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