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Bloody Birthday (1981)

DVD Cover (VCI Home Video)
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Crime, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Slasher Film
Ed Hunt Ed Hunt
Lori Lethin Lori Lethin
Melinda Cordell Melinda Cordell
Julie Brown Julie Brown
Joe Penny Joe Penny
Bert Kramer Bert Kramer
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Review by Chad
Added: January 16, 2004
A bunch of kids who were all born under a solar eclipse of some sort all happen to live in the same part of town and are all friends with one another. Since they were born under a solar eclipse, they have quite the evil tendencies to them, and have no sort of conscience whatsoever. Therefore, if anyone irks them, they kill them. If anyone says something out of line, they kill them. If they get bored, they kill someone.

Nice little flick here, with the exception of the audio. Not sure if it was just the tape going bad or what, but it was all fucked up. Loud stuff (guns, banging, screaming, whathaveyou) was normal volume, but speech was insanely low.... so either had to be deafened when something loud happened, or miss the dialog. Guess I shouldn't dock points for that, since it may have been the old-as-dirt VHS, but yep, it annoyed me considerably. The movie itself was pretty nice though. Some nice kills, and it's always cooler than cool to see kids killing people. The little girl was also insanely cool.... some classic lines, and pimping out her sister for a quarter, well.

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