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The Devil's Bloody Playthings (2005)

DVD Cover (After Hours Cinema)
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Drama, Horror, Sexploitation
William Hellfire William Hellfire
Ruby Larocca Ruby Larocca
Zoe Moonshine Zoe Moonshine
Shannon Selberg Shannon Selberg
Mave Wilson Mave Wilson
Marzie Lane Marzie Lane
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Review by Chad
Added: May 30, 2006
Karen (Zoe Moonshine) is a young lady who has just moved to New Jersey from South Africa. She's shy and more than just a little naive, but she quickly manages to find a nice apartment with an even nicer roommate in Christine (Ruby LaRocca). The two ladies hit it off fairly nicely, and although Karen is a bit put off by Christine's job (an erotic hidden camera operator) and general lifestyle, she seems to enjoy her newfound friend.

That quickly changes, however, when Christine gets some blackmail material on poor Karen. Overnight, her attitude changes from sweet and friendly to cruel and punishing. She doesn't miss a chance to humiliate Karen, be it by making her allow herself to be groped by strangers or giving her body up to Christine's business partners. Being all alone in the city and not having anyone to turn to for help, Karen is forced to put up with Christine's cruelty... until, that is, she snaps in an ending that is similar to something you'd get if you mixed Yukihiko Tsutsumi's 2LDK with Ruggero Deodato's House On The Edge Of The Park.

Although he has an impressive number of other horror films under his belt, director William Hellfire is best known for his frequent forays into the softcore genre. I haven't seen anything but those softcore films, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that his talents are not limited to shooting T&A scenes. Here, he has put together a film that takes a lot of inspiration from the Italian thrillers and giallos of the seventies and eighties which attempts to show us how much punishment and humiliation this young lady can take before she reaches her breaking point. It's an effective piece of film, and some of the scenes found within will definitely make the audience squirm.

What makes the film work so well are the performances turned in by the two lead actresses. Zoe Moonshine (William Hellfire's real-life wife) plays the meek and sympathetic role to perfection. At times, she doesn't even seem to be playing a part; one would think that that is actually her real demeanor. I've seen her perform in a number of other films, so I can definitely say that her performance here was all acting. Ruby LaRocca plays the sadist role just as well, and when you put the two ladies and performances together, it plays out as though you were watching one of Christine's hidden camera shows instead of a mere movie.

Check it out and don't be put off by Hellfire's other works if you're not too fond of the softcore genre. While there is an ample amount of flesh on display here, this film is not about arousing the viewer... it's about shocking and disgusting them with the torture that one character puts another through. With that in mind, the film is a complete success. 8/10.
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