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Faces Of Fear Faces Of Fear (2020)
A chilling omnibus of terror tales from the cutting edge of the horror underground, featuring short but devilishly sweet bites of blood-soaked stories. Features the work of Kim Sřnderholm (Craig,...


Les Vampyres 2 Les Vampyres 2 (2003)
James Avalon's award-winning erotic gothic-thriller, "Les Vampyres," continues as the gang of female vampires, who have developed a gory taste for the male blood-gorged organ, continue their...


Beware Of The Klowns Beware Of The Klowns (2016)
In the small town of Santa Mira, the brave Sheriff is forced to protect the town and his twins, Joy and Lisa, from the terror that is the Klown King and his cult, The Klowns.


The Infamous Bondage Murders The Infamous Bondage Murders (1998)


Fantom Seducer, Part 1: The Downfall Of Ursula Novak Fantom Seducer, Part 1: The Downfall Of Ursula Novak (2005)
Somewhere in a small eastern European city the dark forces of frustrated lust are given a demonic form - an evil destroyer is unleashed among the city's most beautiful and successful women,...


Academy Of Doom Academy Of Doom (2008)


Haunted Dormitory: Marionette Teacher Haunted Dormitory: Marionette Teacher (2017)
The disappearance of a student leads to a school-wide search for the missing girl, uncovering one of the school's deepest and darkest secrets - a teacher mysteriously buried on campus for the past...


The Shriven The Shriven (2010)
Ben has always been troubled by violent nightmares about himself killing other people. Now they're getting worse and he doesn't know why-until he meets Nina, a beautiful woman with a secret-in the...


Things 5 Things 5 (2019)
Mysterious experiments are going on at the BioGen4 Research Labs... and now, those experiments... are loose. Monsters... creatures... hungry for flesh and blood.


Terror Of The Killer Carnivorous Coat Terror Of The Killer Carnivorous Coat (2011)
A group of friends struggle for survival as they are faced with the ancient, demonic evil of - the killer carnivorous coat.


Sacrifice Sacrifice (1918)
Insane doctor Ten Brinken, using the semen of a dead man, artificially inseminate a prostitute. The resultant child grows up to be a beautiful but evil woman who turns against the man who created her.


Alice In Deathland Alice In Deathland (2015)
After trying to live the American dream, Alice returns to a Wonderland of crystal-meth. Her new family consists of characters straight from the March Hare's tea party; a dysfunctional crew...


Phantom Of The Grindhouse Phantom Of The Grindhouse (2014)
Blood, ska and fun flow in this over-the-top, goofy re-imagining of the classic tale. When the Sleepy Hollow Heights Horror Club learns their local grindhouse will be shut down, they plan a 24-hour...


Dead By Midnight (11pm Central) Dead By Midnight (11pm Central) (2018)
It's Halloween at WKIZ when the malicious Mistress of Midnight arrives to host her annual horror movie marathon 'Dead by Midnight'. When the WKIZ staff begins disappearing only to turn up in the...


The Eye Of Menw The Eye Of Menw (2008)
On the brink of taking it to the next level with her boyfriend, Victoria comes home to find a mysterious box on her kitchen table. In it are the remains of an ancient powerful skull known only as...


Tag Tag (2011)


Daughters Of Darkness Daughters Of Darkness (2000)
Your favorite Seduction Cinema girls star in this very, very naughty Gothic DVD. Goth club girl Katie Jordon has incurred the wrath of night stalkers Darian Caine and A.J. Khan. To teach her a...


Fiendish Fables Fiendish Fables (2016)
Three horrifying tales centered around an evil book of fables discovered by two siblings while sorting through their deceased grandfather's estate. BLACK SATIN SHEETS - Endor University is home...


Toilet Gator Toilet Gator (2017)
An alligator terrorizes residents in a New York City apartment building, attacking them in their bathrooms.


Hayride Slaughter Hayride Slaughter (2001)
Jim O'Rear and Tina Krause star as a pair of psychic investigators who are hired to find out who's ritualistically murdering people at a popular Halloween haunted attraction, Frightland. The bodies...


HorrorGirl HorrorGirl (1995)
To make it in showbiz you gotta spill some blood. This, for the members of the band Horrorgirl is not a problem. Creatura (lead vocals) and Slayme (drums, percussion) accidentally electrocute their...


Caress Of The Vampire 3: Lust Of The Nightstalker Caress Of The Vampire 3: Lust Of The Nightstalker (1999)
Kathy, an undercover cop, poses as a call girl in order to lure Lette a voluptuous lesbian vampire. However, Kathy cannot resist the charms of her prey - will she do her duty and destroy Lette?


HorrorTales.666 Part 2 HorrorTales.666 Part 2 (2021)
18 years ago a burglar broke into an author's house and discovers a computer filled with forbidden stories. As he reads he is drawn into the terror of each one. Now, 18 years later, the burglar...


Rape Zombie Side-Story: Hardcore Of The Dead Rape Zombie Side-Story: Hardcore Of The Dead (2017)
Except for virgin nerds all men in the world have become rapist zombies. The zombies of course attack women. The women who are attacked die immediately. The zombies, in the meanwhile, cannot die...


Friday The 13th: The Obsession Friday The 13th: The Obsession (2011)
Friday the 13th: The Obsession involves a fan of the 'Friday The 13th' series, "Amy" who is so obsessed with the series villain that her bad temper and negative energy has taken the form of Jason...


Frames Of Fear Frames Of Fear (2016)
The midnight hour has arrived. Turn on your TV, lock your windows, bolt your doors, hold your crucifix close and most importantly, say your prayers... for its time for FRAMES OF FEAR, where our...


Cat Sick Blues Cat Sick Blues (2013)
In a last ditch effort to revive their decaying relationship, a couple spend the weekend at the beach, only to encounter a stray man in a cat mask. They soon realize their relationship isn't the...


Cool As Hell 2: The Quest For God's Bong Cool As Hell 2: The Quest For God's Bong (2017)
Rich, Benny, BooGar, and Az the demon are back in "Cool As Hell 2: The Quest for God's Bong!"


Hayride Slaughter II Hayride Slaughter II (2003)
Jim O'Rear returns as Clifford James, hellbent on revenge and ready to claim the power that was denied him. Using a wealth of magical skills picked up in the Hell-dimension he was banished to,...


Heart Of Fartness Heart Of Fartness (2017)
The Toxic Avenger has a major midlife crisis and must travel to a mythical land called the "Heart of Fartness," deep in the Panamanian jungle, in order to regain his place as the first...


Zombie Rampage 2 Zombie Rampage 2 (2018)
Two warring factions live side by side during the Zombie Rampage apocalypse in this classic good versus evil roller-coaster ride of epicness.


Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi File 01: Operation Capture The Slit-Mouthed Woman Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi File 01: Operation Capture The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2012)
Director, Kudo and his assistant Ichikawa investigate a video showing a strange woman on the street, wearing a mask and a long coat. The young woman would be the legend of Kuchisake Onna, the woman...


Dead Summer Dead Summer (2005)
A small Pennsylvania town has been quarantined from the rest of the world due to an unknown disease that's causing the dead to be re-animated. It's no mystery that these re-animated dead are...


Ravage The Scream Queen Ravage The Scream Queen (2009)


Slaughter Claus Slaughter Claus (2011)
You better watch out... because Slaughter Claus and his bipolar elf are coming to your town and they're up to no good. It's a whole new kind of Santa, but this Santa doesn't have an appetite for...


Bloody Mary Bloody Mary (2021)
A group of friends retreat to a spa get away in the mountains as a school reunion. Once there, they play a mysterious game of Bloody Mary. Now, they must figure out a way to survive the night...


Creeps Creeps (2013)
In this fun homage to classic SOV gore slashers from the 80s, a group of teenagers set out into the woods looking for the body of a missing person who everyone suspects has been murdered by a...


Night Of The Witch Night Of The Witch (2019)
It's 1989 and there's a horrid legend. A tale of Maddy Martha the evil witch who comes out on Hallows Eve to kill those who party and sin. Throwing caution and lore against the wind, a group of...


Women's Blood Bath Wrestling Women's Blood Bath Wrestling (2007)
Wrestling meets Horror in the first ever Blood Wrestling DVD event. Unscripted, unrehearsed and unpredictable. This no holds barred event stars some of the hottest indie actresses in horror today...


American Sasquatch American Sasquatch (2020)
A group of paranormal investigators in the UK come face to face with the American legend Bigfoot and must fight for their lives while trying to capture proof of the creature's existence.


Camp Blood Kills Camp Blood Kills (2019)
All the kills! All the clowns! All the blood! No other film series boasts the amount of thrills, chills, and spills as Camp Blood. Now, for your viewing pleasure comes the ultimate gross-out...


Prey For The Dying Prey For The Dying (2014)
Six people are invited by the spirits of a haunted house to participate in a gamble for their lives in exchange of one million dollars! These young and horny fools don't have a clue what gore is in...


The G-String Horror: Demon Cut The G-String Horror: Demon Cut (2015)
When a production company starts shooting a horror film in a 100 year old... and actually haunted... Sid Grauman built movie palace turned strip club in San Francisco, the 'inhabitants' revolt and...


Boogers Of The Antichrist Boogers Of The Antichrist (2020)
The Antichrist left this world, but there might remain parts of his incarnation. If so, the unholy relics will bestow power upon whomever discovers them.


Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets (2021)
The diseased Dinosaur battles to the death with the Murder Hornets during a zombie outbreak that is hit by several "firenados" containing flaming spiders.


Horror Odyssey Horror Odyssey (2019)
An axe-wielding maniac shreds party-goers, but this is just the first five minutes. The only two people who survive decide to run as far away as possible, but their journey is a cosmic one in which...


Bigfoot Ate My Boyfriend Bigfoot Ate My Boyfriend (2016)
Something big, black and hairy is attacking campers deep in the mid-west forests... and it's hungry! The locals write it off as legend, but legend becomes lethal as Bigfoot tears through the...


Satan Claus Satan Claus (2008)
Judy Valine has always believed in Santa Claus and the Christmas Spirit. What starts out as an easy task of catching Santa becomes Judy's worse nightmare come to life. What will happen to the jolly...


Don't Drink The Milk Don't Drink The Milk (2019)
A serial offender sneaks into apartments to drug the beverages in the refrigerator, but he gets a taste of his own medicine. Tables are turned, and so are stomachs in this bizarre tale of revenge.


Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Plaga Zombie: American Invasion (2021)
In 1997 an Alien race attempted an invasion in a small city of Argentina by fertilizing the human population turning them into blood thirsty zombies. The plan almost worked until 3 unlikely heroes...


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