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Rika: The Zombie Killer Rika: The Zombie Killer (2008)
Rika never expected to encounter the living dead as she skipped school to visit her grandfather. She is forced to survive and discovers incredible zombie fighting skills.


Street Fighter: Resurrection: Season 1 Street Fighter: Resurrection: Season 1 (2016)
The long-presumed dead Charlie Nash is back, and is targeting legendary Street Fighter champions for mysterious reasons. Ken and Ryu must uncover his lethal plan and discover if he is ally or enemy.


The Return Of Superfly The Return Of Superfly (1990)
In this actioner, Eddie Baker is brutally murdered by drug dealers. Later expatriate, reformed drug-dealer Superfly is conned into returning to the US from Paris by federal drug agents. He then...


Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers (2006)
Five undercover agents, each with her own specialty, must combat international terrorists who have come to Thailand. They must use every resources available and known to them as this mission will...


Karate Kill Karate Kill (2016)
When a mysterious loner and Karate master Kenji's little sister goes missing in Los Angeles, whoever stands in his way of finding her will face the wrath of a lethal KARATE KILL!


Jurassic Hunt Jurassic Hunt (2021)
Female adventurer Parker joins a crew of male trophy hunters in a remote wilderness park. Their goal: slaughter genetically recreated dinosaurs for sport using rifles, arrows, and grenades


Casey Jones Casey Jones (2011)
Casey Jones is the story of a quirky young man with an irresistible propensity for violence. A lifelong outcast, Casey learned at a young age to channel his brutal urges into sports, but after...


Mankillers Mankillers (1987)
A female CIA agent is assigned to train and lead an all-female squad to Colombia to stop a renegade agent who has hired himself out to a drug cartel.


Pistolera Pistolera (2020)
When a ruthless drug lord murders the family of a little girl in Spain, he makes a fatal mistake: letting her live, setting in motion a bloody chain of events in this tale of revenge and its cost.


Bodyguard Kiba Bodyguard Kiba (1993)


GirlFight: inVite GirlFight: inVite (2016)
Sinister fatal femme Rachel inVites four unlikely model hopefuls into an underground death fight inside a barbaric steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire. An all-female nightmare horror...


Enter The Game Of Death Enter The Game Of Death (1978)
World War 2 is approaching, and China is suspecting an invasion from Germany and Japan. Mr. Chang Bruce Le is hired by a Chinese espionage group to recover a secret document - crucial in winning...


Megalodon Rising Megalodon Rising (2021)
When history's greatest aquatic predator returns, the armada of modern warships sent to destroy it has no chance at all.


Kekko Kamen New Kekko Kamen New (2004)
A school that teaches young boys and girls how to become famous anchorpeople in the media. But there is something strange going in this school. The facility takes a sick pride in handing our S&M...


Cross: Rise Of The Villains Cross: Rise Of The Villains (2019)
Armed with an explosive powerful ancient cross amulet, Callan is back with his extraordinary team of weapons experts to defend Los Angeles from its biggest threat yet-super villains Muerte and...


Strike Commando 2 Strike Commando 2 (1988)
An ex-army major is kidnapped by terrorists in the Philippines, demanding ten million dollars worth of diamonds. Michael, a Vietnam vet who served under him, goes on a solo mission determined to...


Cutie Honey: Tears Cutie Honey: Tears (2016)
It is the end of the twenty first century and the planet is a victim of a conspiracy involving death, disease and environmental degradation. Doctor Kisaragi designs and operationalizes a cyborg...


Babes With Blades: Flower Of Sarnia Babes With Blades: Flower Of Sarnia (2018)
On the dark streets of Draiga, a mining colony occupied by the Visray Empire, lives Azura, the last of a fearsome warrior race known as the Sarnians. After witnessing her once beautiful home world...


The Candy Tangerine Man The Candy Tangerine Man (1975)
Sunset Boulevard is a lucrative place to work for the Black Baron, a pimp with a distinctive red and yellow Rolls Royce and plenty of girls on his books. He don't take no mess from his girls, his...


Fortress: Sniper's Eye Fortress: Sniper's Eye (2022)
Retired CIA agent Robert Carter Michaels and his son Paul have committed themselves to rebuilding their relationship after their epic last encounter spent protecting the highly secure secret base:...


Girl Blood Sport Girl Blood Sport (2019)
Chaos follows a deadly duo of maniac assassins after they host a brutal, no-holds-barred tournament inside a sinister steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire after luring hungry, aspiring...


High On The Hog High On The Hog (2019)
Big Daddy's farm-grown weed is the best in North America... which is why federal Agent Dick will stop at nothing to put Big Daddy and his adopted family - Laura, Lola, and Lenore - out of business....


Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game Of Death Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game Of Death (1975)
A Bruce Lee lookalike was hired to finish the movie left unfinished by the untimely death of the King-of Kung-Fu, concerning a young man unwittingly wrapped up in a money scam. When he refuses to...


Girlfight: Fight Like A Girl - An Ohio Model Massacre Girlfight: Fight Like A Girl - An Ohio Model Massacre (2017)
Filled with scantily-clad cage girls in horror and anime costumes drenched in sweat and blood, models fight to the death, landing the ruthless and merciless survivor a multi-million-dollar contract...


Sting Of The Black Scorpion Sting Of The Black Scorpion (2002)
Cop by day, masked crusader by night, the fearless and sultry Black Scorpion must protect the City of Angels from a deadly trio of villains... the prosthetic machine gun Firearm, the...


Broken Broken (2005)


RoboWoman RoboWoman (2019)
"RoboWoman" follows Vivica Stevens on her last night at a temp agency as she accepts a date with a persistent co-worker. Soon she finds herself cornered in a dark park at night and brutally...


Charlie's Death Wish Charlie's Death Wish (2005)
When a stripper finds out that her sister has been murdered while in prison, she seeks revenge in this pulse-racing action-thriller. As the stripper attempts to track down the evildoers who made...


Death From Above Death From Above (2012)
An ancient Druid has returned to claim his prize - to rule the world through one thousand years of darkness. But with one man standing between him and his ultimate reign, the two brutal forces of...


Hell's Trap Hell's Trap (1990)
Seven young people go to a desolated forest looking for a bear, what they don't know is that a crazy Vietnam vet lives there and he is waiting for fresh blood. Soon, they are killed by stomach and...


Bruce's Deadly Fingers Bruce's Deadly Fingers (1976)
After malicious gangsters capture Bruce Wong's ex-girlfriend, a young martial artist attempts to rescue her along with the late master's book containing lethal techniques for killing with one's...


Snare Snare (2016)
Girls are taken against their will and held captive inside an abandoned warehouse where they'll have to fight for their survival.


Chokehold Chokehold (2019)
After Zoey's father is killed by the Russian mob, she gives up her dream to fight professionally and instead enters the seedy, underground fighting world to get closer to the people responsible for...


J.C. J.C. (1972)
Jesus Christ is born again on Earth. But his father is a hardcore Southern Baptist, and during his teen years, Jesus rebels, joining a biker gang and leading an LSD-fueled pilgrimage to "the West"...


Oppai Chanbara: Striptease Samurai Squad Oppai Chanbara: Striptease Samurai Squad (2008)
Following the death of her mother, 20-year-old Lili has been living with her grandmother and is about to inherit her legacy to become the latest in a long line of female warriors adept at the...


Ninja She-Devil Ninja She-Devil (2009)
A female assassin has a special gift. While receiving a secret mission, that will require her special skill, she embarks on a very dangerous mission that forces her to encounter many dangerous...


The Executioner The Executioner (1975)
Cellat, the Turkish version of Death Wish, sticks fairly close plot wise to the template of the American film, with some scenes and bits of dialogue being almost identical. However, it also...


Hood Angels Hood Angels (2003)
Traci, Felicia and Cinnamon have been framed and lawyer Larry Abrahams agrees to represent them if they investigate and avenge the murder of his friend Nitro. The girls go undercover at Nitro...


Salvation Salvation (2007)
The centuries old battle between the powers of heaven and the forces of hell have collided in a final modern day showdown. The determining factor may lie in the heart of a little girl; murdered at...


Tomcat Angels Tomcat Angels (1991)


Cycle Vixens Cycle Vixens (1978)
Three Colorado girls decide to hop on their motorcycles and head to California. On the way they get mixed up in drugs, rape and stolen motorcycles.


The True Game Of Death The True Game Of Death (1979)
This movie creates a fictional story around Bruce Lee's death. In it a villain known as "Big Boss" drugs Bruce Lee in order to destroy his production company and force him to work for him. But the...


Dead Gamers Dead Gamers (2014)
Five gamers are tricked into entering a virtual reality game by a demented computer programmer. Once inside, they are trapped, strapped with weapons and an army of undead creatures, demons and...


Codename: Diablo! Codename: Diablo! (2017)
A trio of female secret agents are hired to stop an ultra-sadistic villainess and her all-latex S.C.U.B.A Squad frogmen from taking over the world with the stolen Diablo Death Ray Gun. She, the...


Death Row Girls Death Row Girls (2004)
In a nightmarish world of secret graveyards and machine gun executions, inmates must die... or kill to survive. Escape is no option, and is punished with... death, or a fate worse than death.


The Third Society The Third Society (2002)
After witnessing her parents (who were also federal agents) being murdered by drug kingpin Dragon, Alexandra Jones is hidden away in the jungles of Thailand by the U.S. government. Growing up...


The Hitter The Hitter (1979)
An ex-professional boxer tries to make a new start when teaming up with a fast talking but ageing hoodlum and an ex-call girl but soon get more than they bargained for when crossing an adversary...


Kekko Kamen Kekko Kamen (1991)
Kekko Kamen, the fearless heroine who wears red boots, a red mask, and nothing else, she has an uncanny way of destroying her opponents by stunning them with her private parts and proceeding to...


Black Scorpion Returns Black Scorpion Returns (2001)
This movie is a compilation of the first two episodes of the Black Scorpion television series.


Kekko Kamen: Surprise Kekko Kamen: Surprise (2004)
A special agent is sent to a music school. There she discovers that the faculty is torturing the students and selling them into the sex trade. Kekko Kamen defeats the faculty.


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