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Lifeboat Lifeboat (1944)
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After their ship is attacked by a U-boat in the mid-Atlantic, several of the passengers and crew survive. Among are a millionaire, an aristocrat, a passenger who managed to survive with her baby, a stoker, and a purser. Not many have much experience at navigation or actually...


House Of Frankenstein House Of Frankenstein (1944)
Released in this time frame
An evil scientist and his hunchbacked assistant escape from prison and encounter Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster.


The Curse Of The Cat People The Curse Of The Cat People (1944)
Released in this time frame


The Mummy's Ghost The Mummy's Ghost (1944)
Released in this time frame
An Egyptian high priest travels to America to reclaim the bodies of ancient Egyptian princess Ananka and her living guardian mummy Kharis. Learning that Ananka's spirit has been reincarnated into another body, he kidnaps a young woman of Egyptian descent with a mysterious...


The Mummy's Curse The Mummy's Curse (1944)
Released in this time frame
An irrigation project in the rural bayous of Louisiana unearths living mummy Kharis, who was buried in quicksand twenty-five years earlier.


Captain America Captain America (1944)
Released in this time frame
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and steals a secret device capable of destroying buildings by sound vibrations.


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