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Back At The Barnyard: Season 2 Back At The Barnyard: Season 2 (2009)
Episode #15 - "Get Bessy/A Beautiful Freddy" - aired on this date
You'll go hog wild for Season 2 of Back at the Barnyard! This is the season that finds Santa with Ferret Fever, Duke with a playmate, Otis believing he's King Cudenhotep IV, Peck becoming bionic, the animals auditioning for a home improvement show, plus lots more!


Ed Gein: The Musical Ed Gein: The Musical (2010)
Premiered on this date
Ed Gein: the Musical is a micro-budget horror-musical produced in Wisconsin, near the actual location of Gein's home and crimes. A treatise on "crazy" and a twisted romp through Ed's imagination, the soundtrack includes parodies of vintage popular classics. EG: the Musical...


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