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We Need To Talk About Kevin We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011)
Kevin's mother struggles to love her strange child, despite the increasingly dangerous things he says and does as he grows up. But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined.


Coherence Coherence (2013)
On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events.


Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father (2008)
In 2001, Andrew Bagby, a medical resident, is murdered not long after breaking up with his girlfriend. Soon after, when she announces she's pregnant, one of Andrew's many close friends, Kurt Kuenne, begins this film, a gift to the child. Friends, relatives, and colleagues...


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)
In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486 meters deep, lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up. This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus.


Rare Exports Inc. Rare Exports Inc. (2003)
An elite trio of expert hunters venture into the woods to track and capture an especially rare and dangerous prey for the Christmas season.


Body Body (2015)
Three female college students break into a beautiful mansion on Christmas Eve and make themselves at home. But when the property's groundskeeper discovers them, they react impulsively and a horrific tragedy ensues. Although they attempt to work together to deal with this...


The Official Rare Exports Inc. Safety Instructions 2005 The Official Rare Exports Inc. Safety Instructions 2005 (2005)
Not meant for the public eye, this film reveals the dark reality of what's wrong with company's product. With its primitive instincts triggered by bad behavior of people around it, the seemingly tame Father Christmas will forget the intensive training and turn into a brutal...


Teenage Teenage (2013)
Teenagers did not always exist. In this living collage of rare archival material, filmed portraits, and voices lifted from early 20th Century diary entries, a struggle erupts between adults and adolescents to define a new idea of youth.


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