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National Lampoon's Animal House National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)
Faber College has one frat house so disreputable it will take anyone. It has a second one full of white, anglo-saxon, rich young men who are so sanctimonious no one can stand them except Dean Wormer. The dean enlists the help of the second frat to get the boys of Delta House off...
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Frat House Frat House (1979)
The guys of I Phelta Thi fraternity are always vying with each other to see how many girls they can make and how many times a day they can get laid. The story is a take-off on Animal House, and features a lot of the same sort of dumb and dumber humor combined with lots of hot sex....
 / 10
Delta House: Season 1 Delta House: Season 1 (1979)
The rowdy and crude brothers of the Delta House fraternity (Flounder, D-Day, Hoover, Pinto, Blotto, Otter) on the Faber College campus in 1962 are forever getting into trouble - pulling pranks on the uptight preppies of the Omega House frat, tormenting deep-voiced Dean Wormer or...
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Not Animal House XXX Not Animal House XXX (2012)
The Delta House is a wild sex-filled orgy of misconduct polar opposite the Omegas but when Dean Wormer puts Blutarsky, Otter, Dorfman, Pinto and the sorority girls on 'double secret probation' for excessive banging and sucking, the Animal House unleashes a parental nightmare of...
 / 10
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