Beer And Art (2000)

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A dark comedy about how an intimate get-together between two new friends sets the stage for betrayal. Sylvia, a poet, devastated by the rejections of her work (especially by her writing teacher) is wary about sharing her poetry with her co-worker, Arlene, who seems benevolent about offering her critique. Sylvia, however, is essentially unaware of Arlene's self-serving, manipulative intentions. Violence ensues! --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: April 19, 2007
Beer and art don't mix very well together. That's the lesson learned from tonight's short film in a story that details how one woman reacts to some rather harsh criticism. The characters for this story are Sylvia (Radha Lorca), a poet who is extremely nervous about sharing her work with others, and Arlene (Kerry Gudjohnsen), a coworker who is highly interested in checking out her latest poem. After bringing Sylvia to her apartment and giving her a few beers to loosen her up, Arlene finally gets a chance to hear this poem... and upon completion of the reading, she laughs hysterically. Sylvia isn't very happy about this rejection, and as the DVD case promises, violence ensues.

As mentioned, this is a short film which clocks in at about thirteen minutes, so naturally, the storyline is a brief glimpse at these events rather than a full-fledged story complete with character studies and whatnot. Depending on the subject matter, I actually enjoy these mini-movies: there are some story ideas floating around out there that are damned good, but wouldn't work when stretched out to feature length. Beer and Art is one such example, as it tells an interesting tale with some decidedly dark humor sprinkled throughout.

I highly enjoyed the characters that were presented here as well as their interactions with one another. Radha Lorca is great in her role as the quirky and eccentric poet who is scared to death of rejection, and once that rejection finally comes, her reaction is nothing less than what one would expect after reading the promise that "violence ensues." Kerry Gudjohnsen, her antagonist, is also great as the cruel and snobby critic who doles out the humiliation; we all know someone like this, people who get off on hurting other people for their own entertainment, so seeing someone like that get their comeuppance was a treat.

Check it out. The DVD comes bundled with Cave People, a film which was actually my favorite of the two, but Beer and Art certainly wasn't a disappointment in its own right. 7/10.
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