Female Harakiri: Glorious Death (1989)

DVD Cover (Unearthed Films)
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> Japanese Weirdness
Overall Rating 52%
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Attired in their favorite fetish wear, hot-blooded Japanese ultra vixens perform the most masochistic acts of self-sacrifice and submission. The traditional oriental art of Harakiri...Violating their young bodies in ritual self-immolation, they plunge razor-edged blades into their soft, naked flesh. A sea of sweet, red blood cascades as their all too brief lives ebb, and death embraces them. --Amazon
Yuuri Sunohara
Yuuri Sunohara
Review by Christopher
Added: October 21, 2009
If the title didn't give it away already, let me break it down for you. The film contains one female. She commits harakiri. It's considered glorious to commit such an act. All of that will equal her death. That's it. That is the entire film. No story, no plot, no dialogue. Nothing but her in one room with a blade. Now that we have that out of the way, let's begin. For the first twenty minutes of the film, she sat in front of her cased blade. Staring at it at first and the caressing it ever so gently. She would take off her kimono, tie it off and start the deed. The only way the knife would get any further down her stomach was when there would be a time lapse in the film. It seemed like the director would yell cut, move the knife about an inch, cake on some blood and yell action. This happened a good four times until she finally put the blade down. It was really cheap.

Instead of the girl screaming while she did all of this, she just wept like you would expect a dying Japanese woman to do in such a situation. She crawled around the floor holding her stomach with more and more blood piling around her every time there was a time lapse in the film. We never got to see the wound after she put the blade down. She held her stomach for the entire time. The only time anything was ever really seen coming out of it was a small piece of guts. Considering the size of it though, it may have just been a piece of her kimono that got too heavily drenched in blood. Had the special effects team been a little more experienced, this whole film would have been a heck of a lot more realistic. That and the fact that when she finally died at the end of the film, there was several close ups of her stomach and she was breathing.

Yuuri Sunohara is the actress in the film and is also credited for writing it. One would only assume that she directed it as well. To me it seems like she got too amped up after watching the first Guinea Pig film and took a stab at her own. Instead of just having some dudes torture some random broad, she just decided to kill herself. There is credits at the end of the film, but they're all in Japanese so knowing if she was even the director or not is a mystery to me. I wouldn't mind sitting down and watching someone kill themselves the way she did if it looked unbelievably real. That was not the case. If you can get some kind of sexual thrill from seeing a naked woman whimpering like a dog with a broken leg and crawling around on all fours while covered in blood, I highly suggest watching this. If you're looking for another version of Guinea Pig, don't bother.

Final Conclusion: 4/10.
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