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Directed by
Anders Jacobsson Anders Jacobsson
Written by
Anders Jacobsson Anders Jacobsson
Göran Lundström Göran Lundström
Christer Ohlsson Christer Ohlsson
Johan Rudebeck Johan Rudebeck ... Edward 'Eddie' Tor Swenson
Per Löfberg Per Löfberg ... Nick
Olof Rhodin Olof Rhodin ... Sam Campbell
Camela Leierth Camela Leierth ... Mel
Gert Fylking Gert Fylking ... SWAT team lieutenant
Cecilia Ljung Cecilia Ljung ... Barbara
Michael Kallaanvaara Michael Kallaanvaara ... Tom McClane
Hans Wilhelmsson Hans Wilhelmsson ... Weld / Patient / Lunatic
Anders Ek Anders Ek ... Janitor
Memory Garp Memory Garp ... Office clerk
Christer Fant Christer Fant ... Man in movie 'Tillbaka till Årjäng'
Odile Nunes Odile Nunes ... Woman in movie 'Tillbaka till Årjäng'
Ulf Landergren Ulf Landergren ... Head of culture film department
Jenny Forslund Jenny Forslund ... Editor, culture film department
Therese Malmer Therese Malmer ... Girl at Splatter & Gore Department / Sexy Patient
Estelle Milbourne Estelle Milbourne ... Girl at Splatter & Gore Department / Secretary (as Estelle Milburne)
Sanna Hansson Sanna Hansson ... Girl at Splatter & Gore Department
Niklas Hättström Niklas Hättström ... Guy at Splatter & Gore Department
Thomas Lewart Thomas Lewart ... Guy at Splatter & Gore Department
Vasa Vasa ... The John / Dr. Wrench
Monia Botngård Monia Botngård ... Prostitute
Fredrik Johansson Fredrik Johansson ... Nick's friend
Gun Fors Gun Fors ... Old female neighbour (as Gun Forss)
Carina Tell Carina Tell ... Stripping neighbour
Fredrik Hauge Fredrik Hauge ... Yelling man / Medic
Johan Harnesk Johan Harnesk ... Yelling man
Göran Lundström Göran Lundström ... Bondage Face / Medic
Kelly Tainton Kelly Tainton ... White Demon
Natalie Kay Natalie Kay ... Emmy, Eddie's & Barbara's daughter (as Nathalie Kauklija)
Dan Malmer Dan Malmer ... Zip (as Danne Malmer)
Kim Sulocki Kim Sulocki ... Dix
Anders Jacobsson Anders Jacobsson ... Car Driver
José Jiménez José Jiménez ... Policeman / Lunatic (as José Jimenez)
Andreas Beskow Andreas Beskow ... Policeman
Heming Kulø Heming Kulø ... Medic
Lena Neogard Lena Neogard ... Patient
Pia Berg Pia Berg ... Patient / Lunatic
Magnus Wadling Magnus Wadling ... Patient
Roger Olsson Roger Olsson ... Dr. West
Carina Ristholm Carina Ristholm ... Nurse / Lunatic
Åsa Svegen Åsa Svegen ... Nurse / Lunatic
Karin Hallheden Karin Hallheden ... Nurse
Carina Sundgren Carina Sundgren ... Nurse
Marie Bergenholtz Marie Bergenholtz ... Dr. Dinkelspiel / Demonic Doc
Hanna Elfvin Hanna Elfvin ... Nurse
Sven-Erik Olsson Sven-Erik Olsson ... Guard at psychiatric ward
Robert Dröse Robert Dröse ... Fridge Fritz / Paranoid man
Sten Grettve Sten Grettve ... Lunatic
Jenny Wigge Jenny Wigge ... Nurse
Joachim Lindman Joachim Lindman ... SWAT Team member
Kurt Nilsson Kurt Nilsson ... SWAT Team member
Joel Rhodin Joel Rhodin ... SWAT Team member
Hannes Rhodin Hannes Rhodin ... SWAT Team member
Kaj Steveman Kaj Steveman ... Mop Boy
Jim Friedman Jim Friedman ... Eddie (voice)
Greg Roberts Greg Roberts ... Sam Campbell (voice)
John Thelin John Thelin ... Nick (voice)
Kara Killen Kara Killen ... Barabara / Sexy Patient / Secretary / Emmy (voice)
Kathy Reilly Kathy Reilly ... Prostitute / Dr. Dinkenspiel (voice) (as Kathy Reily)
Joachim Seisay Joachim Seisay ... Zip (voice) (as Joey Seisay)
David Nerge David Nerge ... SWAT lieutenant (voice)
Jeremy Frere-GilChrist Jeremy Frere-GilChrist ... Bondage Face (voice) (as Jeremy Frére-GilChrist)
Tom Zimmerman Tom Zimmerman ... Crackhead (voice)
Joachim Klatzkow Joachim Klatzkow ... Guard at psychiatric ward (voice)
Izzy Young Izzy Young ... Head of culture film department (voice)
Marian Gräns Marian Gräns ... Old female neighbour (voice) (as Marianne Gräns)
Ronit Hasson Ronit Hasson ... Screamqueen (voice)
Bill Moseley Bill Moseley ... Special voice appearance (voice)
Produced by
Anders Ek Anders Ek
Göran Lundström Göran Lundström
Henrik Wadling Henrik Wadling
Original Music by
Henriksson & Lindh Henriksson & Lindh
Björn J:son Lindh Björn J:son Lindh
Additional Info
Premiere: November 16, 1995
DVD Release: October 07, 1998
Blu-ray Release: May 30, 2017
Country: Sweden
Distributor: Arrow Films
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Alternate Titles
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Production Companies
Action Film AB
Evil Ed Productions
Smart Egg Pictures
A-Pix Entertainment
  (1996) (USA) (VHS)
A-Pix Entertainment
  (1998) (USA) (VHS)
Action Film AB
  (2017) (USA) (all media)
Allumination Filmworks
  (1997) (USA) (VHS)
Image Entertainment
  (1998) (USA) (DVD)
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