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Very Bad Things September 28, 2006
Jump for Joy September 28, 2006
Sticks & Stones October 05, 2006
Larceny of a Kitty Cat October 12, 2006
Van Hickey October 19, 2006
Made a Lady Think I Was God November 02, 2006
Mailbox November 09, 2006
Robbed a Stoner Blind November 16, 2006
Born a Gamblin Man November 30, 2006
South of the Border: Part Uno December 07, 2006
South of the Border: Part Dos December 07, 2006
Our 'Cops' Is On! January 04, 2007
Buried Treasure January 11, 2007
Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck January 18, 2007
Foreign Exchange Student February 01, 2007
B.L.O.W February 08, 2007
The Birthday Party February 15, 2007
Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy February 22, 2007
Harassed a Reporter April 12, 2007
Two Balls, Two Strikes April 19, 2007
G.E.D. April 26, 2007
Get a Real Job May 03, 2007
The Trial May 10, 2007
Directed by
Marc Buckland Marc Buckland
Chris Koch Chris Koch
Millicent Shelton Millicent Shelton
Craig Zisk Craig Zisk
Michael Fresco Michael Fresco
Ken Whittingham Ken Whittingham
Eyal Gordin Eyal Gordin
Victor Nelli Jr. Victor Nelli Jr.
Written by
Gregory Thomas Garcia Gregory Thomas Garcia
Michael Pennie Michael Pennie
Vali Chandrasekaran Vali Chandrasekaran
Danielle Sanchez-Witzel Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
Hilary Winston Hilary Winston
J.B. Cook J.B. Cook
Marc Singer Marc Singer
Bobby Bowman Bobby Bowman
Kat Likkel Kat Likkel
John Hoberg John Hoberg
Victor Fresco Victor Fresco
Timothy Stack Timothy Stack
Erika Kaestle Erika Kaestle
Patrick McCarthy Patrick McCarthy
Mike Mariano Mike Mariano
Brad Copeland Brad Copeland
Barbie Adler Barbie Adler
Hunter Covington Hunter Covington
Ralph Greene Ralph Greene
Jason Lee Jason Lee ... Earl Hickey (23 episodes)
Ethan Suplee Ethan Suplee ... Randy Hickey (23 episodes)
Jaime Pressly Jaime Pressly ... Joy Turner (23 episodes)
Nadine Velazquez Nadine Velazquez ... Catalina (23 episodes)
Eddie Steeples Eddie Steeples ... Darnell Turner (23 episodes)
Trey Carlisle Trey Carlisle ... Earl Jr. (7 episodes)
Louis T. Moyle Louis T. Moyle ... Dodge (6 episodes)
Jonathan Slavin Jonathan Slavin ... Doug (5 episodes)
Jack Axelrod Jack Axelrod ... Electrolarynx Guy (4 episodes)
Abdoulaye NGom Abdoulaye NGom ... Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop (4 episodes) (as Abdoulaye N'Gom)
Juan Pope Juan Pope ... Jasper (3 episodes)
Gregg Binkley Gregg Binkley ... Kenny James (3 episodes)
Marlee Matlin Marlee Matlin ... Ruby Whitlow (3 episodes)
Noah Crawford Noah Crawford ... Young Earl (3 episodes)
Bill Suplee Bill Suplee ... Willie the One-Eyed Mailman (3 episodes)
Nancy Lenehan Nancy Lenehan ... Kay Hickey (3 episodes)
Dale Dickey Dale Dickey ... Patty (3 episodes)
Timothy Stack Timothy Stack ... TV's Tim Stack (3 episodes) (as Tim Stack)
Jessica Cauffiel Jessica Cauffiel ... Tatiana (2 episodes)
Josh Wolf Josh Wolf ... Josh (2 episodes)
Harry Karp Harry Karp ... Clerk (2 episodes)
Don Perry Don Perry ... Judge Miller (2 episodes)
Lisa K. Wyatt Lisa K. Wyatt ... Doris (2 episodes)
Kevin Farrell Kevin Farrell ... Bruce (2 episodes)
Giovanni Ribisi Giovanni Ribisi ... Ralph Mariano (2 episodes)
Sandy Brown Sandy Brown ... Anchorwoman (2 episodes)
John Leguizamo John Leguizamo ... Diego, Catalina's Uncle (2 episodes)
Jimmi Simpson Jimmi Simpson ... David Hayes (2 episodes)
Emilio Rivera Emilio Rivera ... Bandit #1 (2 episodes) (as Emilo Rivera)
Ray Santiago Ray Santiago ... Catalina's Brother (2 episodes)
Susan Foley Susan Foley ... Tina Hayes (2 episodes)
Silas Weir Mitchell Silas Weir Mitchell ... Donny Jones (2 episodes)
Tracy Ashton Tracy Ashton ... Didi - One Legged Girl (2 episodes)
Bob Clendenin Bob Clendenin ... Slow Roger (2 episodes) (as Robert Clendenin)
Beau Bridges Beau Bridges ... Carl Hickey (2 episodes)
Chelcie Ross Chelcie Ross ... Mr. White (2 episodes)
Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds ... Chubby
Brad Grunberg Brad Grunberg ... DJ
Carla Jimenez Carla Jimenez ... Penelope
Herschel Sparber Herschel Sparber  
Dominic Flores Dominic Flores ... Hector
Jack Nathan Harding Jack Nathan Harding ... Police Officer (as Jack Harding)
Judy Greer Judy Greer ... Maggie Lester - The Bearded Lady
Paul Ben-Victor Paul Ben-Victor ... Coach Lou
Gabriel Pimentel Gabriel Pimentel ... William
Brandon Ficara Brandon Ficara ... Kevin the Unicorn Man
Wendy Worthington Wendy Worthington ... Willma
Catherine Anne Hayes Catherine Anne Hayes ... Jean
Brandon Haas Brandon Haas ... Tommy - Lobsterboy
Carel Struycken Carel Struycken ... Paul
Patrick Thomas McCarthy Patrick Thomas McCarthy ... Teacher
Amy Sedaris Amy Sedaris ... Judy
William Newman William Newman  
Larry Hankin Larry Hankin ... Tom
Beth Grant Beth Grant ... Lorraine Mariano
Bill Erwin Bill Erwin ... Old man playing ping pong
Amy Amerson Amy Amerson ... Chick
Natalia Reagan Natalia Reagan ... Chick #1
Caitie Uhlmann Caitie Uhlmann ... Chick #2
Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr ... Millie Banks
Lily Jackson Lily Jackson ... Celeste
Carol Mansell Carol Mansell  
Marcia Ann Burrs Marcia Ann Burrs  
Marcy Goldman Marcy Goldman ... Athletic Nun
Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg ... Wendy
Johnny Sneed Johnny Sneed ... Will
David Ringwald David Ringwald ... Singer #1
Hayden Lee Hayden Lee ... Singer #2
Christian Slater Christian Slater ... Woody
Eve Sigall Eve Sigall  
Michael Patrick McGill Michael Patrick McGill ... Feminist Shirt Guy
'Hollywood' Steve Huey 'Hollywood' Steve Huey ... Hippy Guy (as Steven Huey)
Jennifer Kenyon Jennifer Kenyon ... Hippy Girl
James Martin Kelly James Martin Kelly ... Workman
Adrian Zeigler Adrian Zeigler ... Singing Hippie
Nat Faxon Nat Faxon  
Kadeem Hardison Kadeem Hardison ... Owner
Cheryl Hawker Cheryl Hawker ... Rosie
Bonnie Hellman Bonnie Hellman ... Moderator
William Schallert William Schallert ... Dr Rudin
Penny Balfour Penny Balfour ... Flight Attendant #1
Tangie Ambrose Tangie Ambrose ... Airport Desk Clerk
Benjamín Benítez Benjamín Benítez ... Hispanic Earl (as Ben Benitez)
Oleg Zatsepin Oleg Zatsepin ... Hispanic Randy
Gil Glasgow Gil Glasgow ... Security Agent
Destiny Ramirez Destiny Ramirez ... Hispanic Girl
Kim Delgado Kim Delgado ... Man Across Aisle
Phil Abrams Phil Abrams ... Man in Line
Lauren Glenn Lauren Glenn ... Glenda
Winston J. Rocha Winston J. Rocha  
Shelley Morrison Shelley Morrison ... Maria
Jesus Perez Jesus Perez ... Pedro (as Jesus 'Chuy' Perez)
Joaquín Garrido Joaquín Garrido ... Elderly Man
Mike O'Malley Mike O'Malley ... Officer Stuart Daniels
Beth Riesgraf Beth Riesgraf ... Natalie Duckworth (as Beth Risegraf)
Phyllis Applegate Phyllis Applegate ... Darnell's Grandmother
Pramode Kumar Pramode Kumar ... Vali (as Pramod Kumar)
Kathy Kinney Kathy Kinney ... Officer Bobbi Bowman
George Frangides George Frangides ... Officer Bob Smiley
Maxie Santillan Jr. Maxie Santillan Jr. ... Sparky (as Maxie J. Santillan Jr.)
Jonathan Spencer Jonathan Spencer ... Kevin - Cameraman (as Jonathan Walker Spencer)
Victor Raider-Wexler Victor Raider-Wexler  
Peggy Stewart Peggy Stewart ... Dotty Lake
Helen Slayton-Hughes Helen Slayton-Hughes ... Mrs. Abernathy
Doug Wax Doug Wax ... Undercover Detective #2
John Waters John Waters ... Funeral Director
Windell Middlebrooks Windell Middlebrooks ... Landlord (as Windell D. Middlebrooks)
Hamilton Mitchell Hamilton Mitchell ... Guy
Rasika Mathur Rasika Mathur ... Female Indian Friend
Christopher Gehrman Christopher Gehrman ... Man
Seth J. Cohen Seth J. Cohen ... Neighbour
Lacy Baxter Lacy Baxter ... Stripper
Claudia Choi Claudia Choi ... Tammy
Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Jackson ... Poker Buddy
Ernie Grunwald Ernie Grunwald ... Pierre
Adam Riancho Adam Riancho ... Young Pierre
Stacy Reed Payton Stacy Reed Payton ... Teacher (as Stacy Reed)
Jasmine Jessica Anthony Jasmine Jessica Anthony ... Young Girl
Tamala Jones Tamala Jones ... Liberty Washington
Gigi Goff Gigi Goff ... Young Joy
Marnie Crossen Marnie Crossen ... Teacher
DJ Qualls DJ Qualls ... Ray-Ray
Bess Fanning Bess Fanning ... Karen
Darnell Suttles Darnell Suttles ... Mr. Salicoy (as M. Darnell Suttles)
Jon Hughes Jon Hughes ... Man
Sam Menning Sam Menning ... Homeless Guy
Brooklin Yearwood Brooklin Yearwood ... 6 Year Old Liberty
Kelli Goss Kelli Goss ... Joy Age 13
Arreale Davis Arreale Davis ... Liberty Age 13
Melody Thomas Scott Melody Thomas Scott ... Pill Popping Mom
Carla Renata Carla Renata  
Casey Strand Casey Strand ... Karen
Thomas Lumberg Jr. Thomas Lumberg Jr. ... Mark
Johnny Hoops Johnny Hoops ... D.J. Dave
Cody Klop Cody Klop ... Eric
Samantha Larsen Samantha Larsen ... Screaming Woman
Susan Isaacs Susan Isaacs ... Bar Woman
Montel Williams Montel Williams ... Himself
John O'Leary John O'Leary ... Doctor in Hall
Hugh B. Holub Hugh B. Holub ... Ultrasound Doctor (as Hugh Holub)
Yolanda Snowball Yolanda Snowball ... Nurse
Leigh-Allyn Baker Leigh-Allyn Baker ... Nicole Moses
Jorge Noa Jorge Noa ... Nick Chavez
Norm MacDonald Norm MacDonald ... Little Chubby
Charles Robinson Charles Robinson ... Doctor (as Charlie Robinson)
Norm Johnson Norm Johnson ... Aborigine Man #1
Kurt Fuller Kurt Fuller ... Mr. Baldwyn
Mary-Pat Green Mary-Pat Green ... Mrs. Harden
Vicki Juditz Vicki Juditz ... Mrs. McCullen
Sharon Sachs Sharon Sachs ... Natalie
Alex Morris Alex Morris ... Mr. Romacks
Jesse Head Jesse Head ... Nick Daily (as Jesse John Head)
Andrew Lewis Caldwell Andrew Lewis Caldwell ... Jake
Arjay Smith Arjay Smith ... Clint
Jeanette Brox Jeanette Brox ... Summer
Charles S. Dutton Charles S. Dutton ... Reggie (as Charles Dutton)
Sean Astin Sean Astin ... Rick
Billy Gardell Billy Gardell ... Billy
Fred Stoller Fred Stoller ... Fred
Mackenzie Astin Mackenzie Astin ... Brandon
Pamela Kosh Pamela Kosh ... Mrs. O'Leary
Polly Humphreys Polly Humphreys ... Woman #1
Jennie Fahn Jennie Fahn ... Woman #2
Cristina Maria Cristina Maria ... Mexican Worker
Paul Short Paul Short ... Blue Homeless Man
Duane 'Dog' Chapman Duane 'Dog' Chapman ... Himself
Larry Clarke Larry Clarke ... Prosecutor
Yvans Jourdain Yvans Jourdain ... Joy's Minister
Rob McCabe Rob McCabe ... Bailiff
Irene White Irene White ... Lulu
Nancy Yee Nancy Yee ... Chinese Woman
Uncredited Cast
Mike Cochrane Mike Cochrane ... Crab Shack Regular (7 episodes)
Doby Daenger Doby Daenger ... Crabshack Regular (5 episodes)
Arne Starr Arne Starr ... Crab Shack Patron (2 episodes)
Eric Shackelford Eric Shackelford ... Crab Shack Patron (2 episodes)
Gary Sievers Gary Sievers ... Singing Hippie (2 episodes)
Geoffrey Gould Geoffrey Gould ... G.E.D. Night Class Teacher (2 episodes)
Harry Karp Harry Karp ... Clerk
Mary Castro Mary Castro ... Pretty Girl
Andrea Fellers Andrea Fellers ... Biker Babe
Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds ... Chubby
Lisa Carletto Lisa Carletto ... Stripper with Attitude
James McMann James McMann ... Club Patron
Brandon Ficara Brandon Ficara ... Kevin the Unicorn Man
Mona Weiss Mona Weiss ... Cat Show Patron
Rebecca Wilkins Rebecca Wilkins ... Randy's Goth Girlfriend
Gregory Graham Gregory Graham ... Rowdy Bar Patron
Hayden Lee Hayden Lee ... Singer #2
Chris Gann Chris Gann ... Gym Guy
Paula Broussard Paula Broussard ... Hippie Waitress
Leah Ann Cevoli Leah Ann Cevoli ... Hippy Singer
Christopher L. Antie Christopher L. Antie ... Traveler
William Ramos Jr. William Ramos Jr. ... Traveler
Ron Schwartz Ron Schwartz ... TSA Agent
Sonia Laszlo Sonia Laszlo ... HarpyCord
Nikki Magnusson Nikki Magnusson ... Stripper
Bonnie Mercado Bonnie Mercado ... Catalina's Stripper Friend
Robert Tobin Robert Tobin ... Poker Buddy
Kara R. Stribling Kara R. Stribling ... Young Joy
Ilana Becker Ilana Becker ... Montel Show Guest
Shevy Gutierrez Shevy Gutierrez ... Montel Show Guest
Erik Rivera Erik Rivera ... Guest on the Montel Show
Josh Cole Josh Cole ... News Cameraman
Sunkrish Bala Sunkrish Bala ... Doctor
Tom Corn Tom Corn ... Bartender
Aryn Nelson Aryn Nelson ... Chubby's Waitress
John Bocchicchio John Bocchicchio ... Mr. T Impersonator
Garth R. Hassell Garth R. Hassell ... Jury
Produced by
Barbie Adler Barbie Adler
Bobby Bowman Bobby Bowman
Marc Buckland Marc Buckland
Brad Copeland Brad Copeland
Victor Fresco Victor Fresco
Gregory Thomas Garcia Gregory Thomas Garcia
Aaron Greenberg Aaron Greenberg
Jason Lee Jason Lee
J.B. Cook J.B. Cook
Kim Hamberg Kim Hamberg
John Hoberg John Hoberg
Erika Kaestle Erika Kaestle
Henry J. Lange Jr. Henry J. Lange Jr.
Kat Likkel Kat Likkel
Mike Mariano Mike Mariano
Patrick McCarthy Patrick McCarthy
Michael Pennie Michael Pennie
Danielle Sanchez-Witzel Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
Timothy Stack Timothy Stack
Matt Simon Matt Simon
Sean Buck Sean Buck
Original Music by
Mark Leggett Mark Leggett
Danny Lux Danny Lux
Additional Info
Premiere: September 21, 2006
DVD Release: September 25, 2007
Country: USA
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
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Production Companies
20th Century Fox Television
Amigos de Garcia Productions
National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  (2005-) (USA) (TV)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2006) (USA) (DVD) (Season 1)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2007) (USA) (DVD) (Season 2)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2008) (USA) (DVD) (Season 3)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2009) (USA) (DVD) (Season 4)
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