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Directed by
John Lechago John Lechago
Written by
John Lechago John Lechago
Trent Haaga Trent Haaga ... Killjoy
Victoria De Mare Victoria De Mare ... Batty Boop
Al Burke Al Burke ... Punchy
Tai Chan Ngo Tai Chan Ngo ... Freakshow
Jessica Whitaker Jessica Whitaker ... Sandie
John Karyus John Karyus ... Skid Mark
Lisa Goodman Lisa Goodman ... Old Hag
Aqueela Zoll Aqueela Zoll ... Jezabeth
Cecil Burroughs Cecil Burroughs ... Det. Grimley
Jason R. Moore Jason R. Moore ... Det. Ericson (as Jason Robert Moore)
Randy Mermell Randy Mermell ... Dr. Simmons
Raymond Calhoun Raymond Calhoun ... Security Guard
Ian Roberts Ian Roberts ... Bailiff
Stephen F. Cardwell Stephen F. Cardwell ... Beelzebub
Jim Tavaré Jim Tavaré ... Scribe
Tim Chizmar Tim Chizmar ... White Face
Denzil Meyers Denzil Meyers ... Harlequin
Vinnie Bilancio Vinnie Bilancio ... Tramp Clown
Leroy Patterson Leroy Patterson ... Hillbilly Hobo / Monster Skid Mark
Nakai Nelson Nakai Nelson ... Switchblade Sister Clown / Voice of Destruction
Samantha Holman Samantha Holman ... Court Observer
Mindy Robinson Mindy Robinson ... Red Devil Girl
Jenny Allford Jenny Allford ... Blue Devil Girl
Daniel Del Pozzo Daniel Del Pozzo ... Dirty Clown
Derek Jacobsen Derek Jacobsen ... Dreadlock Clown
Juan Patricio Juan Patricio ... Exploded Observer
David Cohen David Cohen ... Clown Observer
Peter Holt Peter Holt ... Extra
Robert Prestwood Robert Prestwood ... Clown
Abdul Kadara Abdul Kadara ... Extra
Lloyd Knight Lloyd Knight ... Extra
Roger Kwan Roger Kwan ... Extra
Bronwyn de Beer Bronwyn de Beer ... Extra
Morgan Mascorro Morgan Mascorro ... Extra
Joe Polockow Joe Polockow ... Extra
Jerry Washington Jerry Washington ... Extra
Produced by
Charles Band Charles Band
Nick Blaskowski Nick Blaskowski
Mike Crosmaz Mike Crosmaz
Danny Draven Danny Draven
John Lechago John Lechago
John Schouweiler John Schouweiler
Original Music by
Michael Sean Colin Michael Sean Colin
Additional Info
Premiere: September 15, 2012
DVD Release: November 20, 2012
Country: USA
Distributor: Full Moon Pictures
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Alternate Titles
> Killer Clown
Production Companies
8 Ball Stunts of Hollywood
Full Moon Features
Full Moon Features
  (2012) (USA) (all media)
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