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Directed by
Adam Deyoe Adam Deyoe
Eric Gosselin Eric Gosselin
Written by
Kurt Kroeber Kurt Kroeber
Eric Gosselin Eric Gosselin
Frankie Frain Frankie Frain
Adam Deyoe Adam Deyoe
Felissa Rose Felissa Rose ... Marilyn Saunders
Paul Rust Paul Rust ... Carl Sandersburg
Rachel Castillo Rachel Castillo ... Debbie Dickey
Emilia Richeson Emilia Richeson ... Ginny
Ariel Teal Toombs Ariel Teal Toombs ... Sally
Frankie Frain Frankie Frain ... Ugly Jen
Todd Pritchett Todd Pritchett ... Flick Weinberg
Lenore Cutler Lenore Cutler ... Mrs. Dicky
Ryan Martin Ryan Martin ... Jeremy Hummel
John McPhee John McPhee ... Mr. Dicky
Thomas Adrian Villalobos Thomas Adrian Villalobos ... Thomas Algernon / Greyhood (as Tom Adrian)
Andrew Yoon Andrew Yoon ... Asian Business Man (as Andrew 'Kwan' Yoon)
Ken Scribner Ken Scribner ... COC Sailor
Jessica DeMaio Jessica DeMaio ... Plastic Face / French Maid
Jandi Lin Jandi Lin ... Dominatrix
Michelle Chiang Michelle Chiang ... Rubber Army Band
Thom Sigsby Thom Sigsby ... Mr. Danny Glover
Eric Gosselin Eric Gosselin ... Sex Piss / Elephantman Ugly Jen
Ryan Kennedy Ryan Kennedy ... Genie
Coco Velvet Coco Velvet ... Movie Girl #1 (as Coco Velvett)
Nico Elise Nico Elise ... Movie Girl #2
Chingy Chingy ... Pizza Man (as Howard 'Chlingy' Bailey)
Kurt Kroeber Kurt Kroeber ... Barry Goldwater
Nick Tully Nick Tully ... Duane
Adam Malamut Adam Malamut ... John
Jim Martin Jim Martin ... Kench
Tommy Pistol Tommy Pistol ... Neighbor
Gia Paloma Gia Paloma ... Neighbor's Wife
David Del Greco David Del Greco ... Crash Test Dummy / Disco Werewolf (as Dave Del Greco)
Eric Kench Eric Kench ... Space Man / Devil Man
Noah Wolf Noah Wolf ... Sloppy Poppy
Chris Watson Chris Watson ... Santa
Marc L. Fusco Marc L. Fusco ... Sunglass Army Man (as Marc Fusco)
Lloyd Kaufman Lloyd Kaufman ... Anchorman
Casey Dzierlenga Casey Dzierlenga ... Mental Patient #1 (as Casey Dzerlenga)
Craig Massie Craig Massie ... Mental Patient #2
Christopher Sousa Christopher Sousa ... Mental Patient #3 (as Chris Sousa)
Jim Sylvia Jim Sylvia ... Cricket Man
J. Jackson J. Jackson ... Punk Girl
James Griffin James Griffin ... Viking
Dave Paige Dave Paige ... Mad Doctor (as Dave Paige)
Mary Broadbent Mary Broadbent ... Cowgirl / It / Mega Man Helmet
Lucas Phelan Lucas Phelan ... Judge
Josh Briggs Josh Briggs ... Monkey Man
Bobby Jauregiu Bobby Jauregiu ... Cocain Dealer / Luchedor (as Bobby Jauregiu)
Tom Zawacki Tom Zawacki ... Hobo
Adam Deyoe Adam Deyoe ... Copy Cat Killer / Mime
Aton Sanz-Katz Aton Sanz-Katz ... Metalicon
Delotta Brown Delotta Brown ... Crazy Baby Lady
Loren Semmens Loren Semmens ... Charles Manson
Jaclyn Case Jaclyn Case ... Topless Girl
Produced by
Adam Deyoe Adam Deyoe
Marc L. Fusco Marc L. Fusco
Eric Gosselin Eric Gosselin
Joshua Klausner Joshua Klausner
Kurt Kroeber Kurt Kroeber
Ryan Martin Ryan Martin
Chris Watson Chris Watson
Original Music by
Eric Gosselin Eric Gosselin
Additional Info
Premiere: October 18, 2008
DVD Release: December 13, 2011
Country: USA
Distributor: Troma Entertainment
Websites: IMDb
Production Companies
Pratt Ratt Productions
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Overall Rating 3.9 / 10
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Female Users -- / 10
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