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Directed by
Bill Wolf Bill Wolf
Written by
Kevin Eastman Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird Peter Laird
Francis Moss Francis Moss
Fred Wolf Fred Wolf
James Avery James Avery ... Shredder (voice)
Cam Clarke Cam Clarke ... Leonardo (voice)
Townsend Coleman Townsend Coleman ... Michelangelo (voice)
Jim Cummings Jim Cummings ... Holographic Monster (voice)
Jennifer Darling Jennifer Darling ... Irma Langinstein (voice)
Pat Fraley Pat Fraley ... Krang / Burne Thompson (voice)
Barry Gordon Barry Gordon ... Donatello (voice)
Renae Jacobs Renae Jacobs ... April O'Neil (voice)
Rob Paulsen Rob Paulsen ... Raphael (voice)
Peter Renaday Peter Renaday ... Splinter (voice)
Uncredited Cast
Bob Bergen Bob Bergen ... Klatu
Barbara Billingsley Barbara Billingsley ... Mirahda
Katie Leigh Katie Leigh ... Nikto
Produced by
Mark Freedman Mark Freedman
Walt Kubiak Walt Kubiak
Fred Wolf Fred Wolf
Original Music by
Dennis C. Brown Dennis C. Brown
Chuck Lorre Chuck Lorre
Additional Info
Premiere: October 19, 1989
DVD Release: December 06, 2005
Country: USA
Distributor: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Murakami Wolf Swenson (1987-1992)
Fred Wolf Films (1992-1996)
Mirage Studios
Surge Licensing
Playmates Toys (in association with) (episodes 1-5)
I.D.D.H. (1989-) (co-production)
Group W Productions
  (1987-1993) (USA) (TV)
  (1987-1990) (USA) (TV) (seasons 1-4)
  (1990-1996) (USA) (TV) (Seasons 4-10)
Artisan Entertainment
  (1998-2000) (USA) (DVD)
Artisan Entertainment
  (1998-2000) (USA) (VHS)
Artisan Home Entertainment
  (2000-2004) (USA) (DVD)
Artisan Home Entertainment
  (2000-2004) (USA) (VHS)
Eyemark Entertainment
  (1996) (USA) (TV)
Family Home Entertainment (FHE)
  (1988-2005) (USA) (VHS)
International Video Entertainment (IVE)
  (1988-1990) (USA) (VHS)
Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment
  (2004-) (USA) (DVD)
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  (2012) (USA) (DVD)
Live Entertainment
  (1994-1998) (USA) (VHS)
Live Home Video
  (1990-1994) (USA) (VHS)
MCA Distributing Corp.
  (1988-1990) (USA) (VHS) (for IVE/FHE)
USA Network
  (1993-1996) (USA) (TV) (repeats)
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