Nurse Sherri (1978)

DVD Cover (Retro-Shock-O-Rama)
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Horror movie about a demented professor of the occult, whose soul jumps into the curvaceous body of Nurse Sherri shortly before he dies on the operating table. The possessed lady in white then begins stalking, seducing and kill people - even her boyfriend - until someone puts an end to the madness. --IMDb
Geoffrey Land
Geoffrey Land
Jill Jacobson
Jill Jacobson
Marilyn Joi
Marilyn Joi
Katherine Pass
Katherine Pass
Prentiss Moulden
Prentiss Moulden
Review by Chad
Added: May 21, 2007
It's time for movie number two from the upcoming Al Adamson double feature from Retro-Shock-O-Rama, and what a movie it turned out to be. I'm actually quite surprised that they chose not to make this one the "main attraction" of the set, considering that it was (in my humble opinion) the better of the two films and also much more appropriate for their label.

The story begins with a necromancer (Bill Roy) preaching to his cult about how he can raise the dead and how he has powers that are beyond their imaginations. He intends to back these claims up by resurrecting a man before their very eyes, and just when the corpse starts twitching and everyone thinks that the man is legit... he has a heart attack. Damned earthly ailments, let me tell you. He's rushed to a nearby hospital where he dies on the operating table, but his spirit eventually finds its way into the body of Sherri (Jill Jacobson), a nurse who just so happened to be in the operating room when he croaked. Now, this necromancer intends to use his new body to seek revenge on those doctors and nurses - Peter Desmond (Geoffrey Land), Tara Williams (Marilyn Joi), and Beth Dillon (Mary Kay Pass) - who let him die, and it seems as though nobody will be able to stop him.

There are a sizable amount of different cuts of this film available, one of which even tries to pass it off as blaxploitation fare. That one isn't included with the Five Bloody Graves / Nurse Sherri double feature from Retro-Shock-O-Rama, but we do get two other cuts of it: the theatrical version and an "alternate" version. The theatrical cut introduces a subplot involving one of the former cult members and his quest to put an end to this necromancer's curse, while the alternate version chooses to cut all of that out entirely and replace it with softcore sex scenes. In the alternate version, each nurse gets one fairly long scene in which they "show off their stuff", but the vast majority of this was cut out of the theatrical version. Save for the improved picture and sound quality of the theatrical version, that's about it as far as the differences go.

I watched both of these cuts back-to-back (the things I do for this site), and I actually preferred the alternate cut to the original. Granted, a sizable portion of the storyline was removed here and replaced with softcore sex, but I felt that this version flowed along much better than the theatrical cut. The piece of the storyline that was removed had some interesting visuals and expanded the story itself in a minor way, but once it's all said and done, it didn't really add a whole lot to the movie as a whole and was pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Differences aside, I will say that I enjoyed this movie. Adamson is known for making bad movies, and while this one isn't exactly a flawless horror offering, it certainly isn't "bad" and actually kept me entertained enough to sit through both cuts of it. The storyline is as solid as one could ask for when dealing with a movie about necromancers and spiritual possessions, and although there were a few scenes that dragged a bit (another Adamson trademark), I was kept interested throughout the running time. The main characters all turned in good performances as well, a fact which only helped to heighten my enjoyment of the film, and casting Jill Jacobson in the leading role was a smart choice: the woman just looks evil, so needless to say, she was a treat for the eyes.

Check it out. It's not a perfect film and it was obviously shot on a low budget, but it is an entertaining film nonetheless. 8/10.
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