Favorite Deadly Sins (1995)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
David Jablin David Jablin
Denis Leary Denis Leary
Andrew Dice Clay Andrew Dice Clay
Denis Leary Denis Leary
Joe Mantegna Joe Mantegna
Farrah Forke Farrah Forke
Cassidy Rae Cassidy Rae

5.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Comedy, Parody / Spoof, Religious Comedy
America's three top leisure-time activities come roaring to life in National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins. This film consists of three short stories: Greed (Joe Mantegna), Anger (Andrew Clay) and Lust (Denis Leary). --TMDb
Review by Chad
Added: January 29, 2004
#1 - Lust: Leary is the main guy in this one, and I'm normally a fan.... but gosh durned, he sucks in this. Save for him almost dropping his kid, there's no comedy whatsoever in this segment, and not very many lines either. His work buddy has some great lines though, which was the only saving grace to this first 20 minutes.

#2 - Greed: Great segment, this one takes up the majority of the movie.... clocks in at about an hour. Mantegna does a great job with his character here, and the storyline is fantastic. Not too much comedy here, some nice scenes, nothing majorly "whoa!", but the storyline makes up for it.

#3 - Anger: The mother fucking funniest segment I've seen in the last few months, mother fucker. Andrew Dice Clay is the man, talking shit to his woman, Abu the quickie mart guy, some Urkel'ish kid, his mom, store robbers, St. Peter, some other angel, demons, Satan, his woman again, and finally, some doctors. That's a lot of shit-talking, and if you've seen / heard Clay before, you'll know his style.... so you either like it, or hate it. I personally love it.

Segment #1 brings 0/3 points to the total, #2 brings 2/3 points, #3 brings 3/3.

Round it up, and we have a 5/10.
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HeatoN #1: HeatoN - added 12/18/2004, 09:13 PM
shouldn't the score be 5/9 according to your scale.? =)
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