The Erotic Diary Of Misty Mundae (2004)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Another day, another chapter in the diary of young Misty's wild sexual escapades where lust, passion and love coexist with all the things she vividly experiences with beautiful and mysterious strangers that haunt her fantasies. As Misty is consumed by a never-ending yearning and an unquenchable libido, while her velvety, pale flesh explores everything deprived of guilt and regret, would you be shocked if you knew what is going on in her dreams, would you be disgusted or would you finally find the courage to delve deep into your well-hidden desires and embrace them? --IMDb
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Darian Caine
Darian Caine
Ruby Larocca
Ruby Larocca
A.J. Khan
A.J. Khan
Review by Chad
Added: August 08, 2007
She may have walked away from the softcore films that put her name on the map, but that doesn't mean that we've seen the last of Erin Brown - better known to her fans as Misty Mundae - in these types of movies. Seduction Cinema, the company that had her under contract and produced these films that we've come to know and love, still has a stash of her films tucked away that have yet to be released, so even though she's no longer involved with the business, it looks like we'll be getting a little Misty loving here and there for months (maybe even years) to come. Thank goodness is all that I have to say about that.

The Erotic Diary of Misty Mundae is the latest such release, and the title basically spells out everything that you need to know about the movie. Misty writes down her fantasies and secret desires in her diary while discussing how much she's enthralled with "her" (Darian Caine), and as she lets us know about these thoughts, we get to see them acted out by the biggest names to come out of Seduction Cinema: along with Misty and Darian, we're also treated to scenes featuring A.J. Khan, Anoushka, Ruby Larocca, and Julian Wells (sort of - this scene comes from Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde). That's it: The Erotic Diary of Misty Mundae skips past everything else and simply gives us about eighty minutes of softcore action set to lust-filled industrial / techno music (think early Lords of Acid).

Save for the part about the music, you could sort of say that last sentence in reference to most offerings from the softcore genre, but this one takes it one step further: there's not so much as a feeble attempt at creating a real storyline to tie everything together (aside from the diary gimmick), there's no dialogue (again, outside of the diary thing), and none of the ladies are even given character names. It's just sex scene / cut / sex scene / cut / sex scene from beginning to end, and depending on what you watch these films for, you'll either love that or hate it. I'm glad that they didn't try to stuff some cheesy storyline in there in an attempt to come off as a legitimate film, but I have to admit that I would have liked to have seen them do something more that the usual kissing, stroking, and fondling.

Unless I were to give you a scene-by-sex-scene breakdown of the film at hand, there's really not much more that can be said. You've got all of the better ladies from Seduction Cinema together in one release for about eighty minutes worth of softcore action: that's all there is to it, so that'll either be a selling point or a disclaimer depending on your view. 6/10, and that would have been much lower had it not featured all of my favorite ladies - take that as you will.
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