Violent Shit 3: Infantry Of Doom (1999)

DVD Cover (Shock-O-Rama Cinema)
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Overall Rating 41%
Overall Rating
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Connections: Violent Shit

Karl Jr continues his killing spree on a remote island with the help of his father and their army of metal masked mercenaries known as the Infantry Of Doom. A band of castaways are turned loose in the wilderness and hunted down, where they must fight to survive. They have moon's phase time to make across the island safely. --TMDb
Andreas Schnaas
Andreas Schnaas
Marc Trinkhaus
Marc Trinkhaus
Steve Aquilina
Steve Aquilina
Beate Brüggmann
Beate Brüggmann
Uwe Grüntjes
Uwe Grüntjes
Review by Chad
Added: August 20, 2007
I can just see it now: a bunch of guys sitting around with a brand new camera, a hundred bucks, and a twelve-pack of beer trying to come up with an idea for a new movie. "It has to have zombies!", one would say, while another stands firm in his belief that mutants should be included. There also has to be lots of gore, naked women, ninjas, robots, a mad scientist, action figure / scorpion hybrids, sword fights, massive shoot-outs, lots of explosions, and of course, the obligatory chase scene. At this point in the conversation, most people would laugh and throw another beer back, but not our good friend Andreas Schnaas - no, this man seemingly wrote down each and every last one of these ideas, borrowed the camera, pilfered that hundred dollars, and made Zombie Doom.

Storyline? Do you really expect a great storyline from a movie that was originally entitled Violent Shit 3? Well, to be fair, there is one included here, but to call it any more than an afterthought would be laughable. It begins when a trio of lads set out on a boat trip, only to find that there's something wrong with the boat. They decide to hop in their life raft and paddle to a nearby island, and there, they find a camp of mask-wearing savages led by Karl the Butcher (Andreas Schnaas). The first thing that our heroes witness on this island is Karl having a group of rebels executed in various grisly ways, and then he clues our shocked friends into their fate: they'll be set loose on the island, given a small head start, and they will then be hunted down like dogs. Insert everything that I mentioned in that first paragraph, and you have an hour-long movie.

First, the good: gorehounds will enjoy seeing a couple of the kills found within the running time as that was seemingly the main focus of the film. The gore effects are never quite convincing or realistic, mind you, but the ideas were there and some of them put a smile on my face. Seeing a ninja cut in half from head to waist, a finger-poke of doom, countless beheadings, fists through the chest, and more severed limbs than you can shake a stick at is the order of the day here, and although the actual effects used to create these scenes wasn't exactly high-quality, some of them were enjoyable.

Now, the bad: you can safely insert everything else about the movie here. Yes, some of the gore scenes were inventive, but a large percentage of them were not; I never thought I'd say this, but I repeatedly found myself wishing they'd just quit with the killing already and get on with the storyline. Seeing one beheading is nice and a second is even better, but when you get up in the double digits, it's time to come up with something else.

Then there's that wretched dubbing job. You see, the film was originally shot in German, and it was later dubbed into English (by the director or the distributor, I couldn't tell you). That's fine and all, but the people who did the dub jobs obviously weren't watching the movie that they were dubbing, and during the few times that they did take a glance at the screen, they came up with some of the most hideous lines imaginable. "I'll chew your balls off" was one of the highlights in that regard, and it would have been funny had they not been dead serious with this material. I'm going to give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt with this one, but since you can't watch the film in its original language with subtitles on the American release of the DVD, I have to say that this really hurt the film.

The storyline (what little there is) is atrocious. The acting is worse. The dubbing is pathetic. The score, the soundtrack, the "sets", the special effects, the directing, and everything else that makes a film work is laughable at best. My advice for those of you who may be interested in this title is to head on over to YouTube and hope that somebody has posted a couple of the better scenes and save yourself the cash: even with two films on the disc and even considering that it usually sells for about three bucks on eBay can't make up for the fact that it's painful to sit through. 1/10.
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