I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave (2001)

DVD Cover (Sub Rosa Studios Director's Cut)
Genres: Horror, Sadistic Horror, Sex Horror
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Eric Stanze Eric Stanze
Emily Haack Emily Haack
Scot Spookytooth Scot Spookytooth
Shaun Snow Shaun Snow
John Specht John Specht
Jeff Atwater Jeff Atwater

3.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: October 16, 2007
A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Eric Stanze's Scrapbook and mentioned that it was a disturbing film that will stick with you for quite some time. Apparently, I wasn't alone in that sentiment as shortly after its release, Stanze decided to travel down that route of filmmaking once again and gave us the humorously-titled I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave. This film features the same leading lady and involves similar situations, and it's also just about as fucked up as Scrapbook was. The difference between the two films is that Scrapbook was a labor of love (which definitely showed on screen), while I Spit on Your Corpse was a quickie production (which also showed on screen). That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad film, but it certainly doesn't compare to Stanze's first "stab" at this sort of material.

The storyline for this one begins with Chris (director Eric Stanze) receiving a phone call from his brother who informs him that he has just raped and murdered a young lady on Chris' mountainside property. Chris, being the good brother that he is, attempts to help his brother cover up the crime, but the police eventually catch on and discover the grisly crime scene. Chris then finds himself being arrested for aiding in the cover up and is sentenced to do some serious jail time, but a few months later, he manages to escape prison. What's the first thing that he decides to do? Why, call up his old girlfriend Sandy (Emily Haack), of course.

The two of them eventually wind up in the basement of somebody's house, and there, Chris fills Sandy in on what he has in store for her. Tied up are three of the men who testified against Chris at his trial, and Chris fully intends to torture and eventually kill these men for their actions... and he also plans to do the same to Sandy for reasons unknown. Upon hearing this, Sandy picks up a crowbar and murders her former lover, and then, she comes to the realization that she too has reasons to hate the three men who are tied up in this dank basement. What follows is Sandy getting her own measure of revenge against the three guys in the most brutal, humiliating, and disgusting ways imaginable.

Now, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I Spit on Your Corpse is nowhere near as good as the similarly-themed Scrapbook. It is, however, a vile little film in its own right, and it's certainly worth tracking down if you enjoyed the depravity found in Stanze's previous effort. As an example of the sort of thing that viewers will be treated to here, one scene finds Sandy burning a man on his face, neck, and penis with a lit cigarette (all of which is shown on camera) before forcing him to shit on the floor and lap it up not unlike a dog. She later masturbates with a broom (again, the camera doesn't shy away from showing the act) before slapping a condom on it and sodomizing another bound man with it until he's bleeding profusely from the ass. Did I mention that there's some extremely depraved scenes to be found in here?

Yes, this film features just as many memorable scenes as Scrapbook did, but the key difference in the two films is the way that the material is presented. In his previous film, Stanze presented us with what could be best described as two separate character studies while also giving us the disgusting and vile scenes that most viewers would find lodged in their brains for weeks to come. The result was a film that was both psychologically and visually disturbing; the acts that you watch on the screen were awful in and of themselves, but the surrounding story and characters just drove the film home.

I Spit on Your Corpse does things right when it comes to the visuals, but the surrounding story and character development is sorely lacking. Sure, the plot is there, but it merely seems tacked on in order to show off the visuals, and yeah, there is some character development with the lovely Emily Haack's character, but this piece of the puzzle seemed to be added only to give her an excuse to go ballistic on the three men. However, as our Asian brothers have proved time and time again, there's a huge market for films which do nothing but present the audience with gratuitous violence, so a film like this could easily garner a great reputation based on the visuals alone.

It may seem as though I didn't enjoy the film, but that's not entirely true as I did enjoy the vast majority of it, but the difference in quality between this and Scrapbook is extremely noticeable. Bottom line? They're both worth your dollar, but keep in mind that one of the films is definitely better than the other. 6.5/10.
danimigra #1: danimigra - added 03/15/2008, 06:07 PM
A piece of shit... 1/10.. and i am been cool...
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