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Scarred (2004)

DVD Cover (Sub Rosa Studios)
Horror, Sadistic Horror, Slasher Film
Steve Looker Steve Looker
Neville Millar Neville Millar
Shiv Nagpal Shiv Nagpal
Rebecca Scales Rebecca Scales

7.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

* * * * *
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Review by Tristan
Added: May 23, 2008
Today proved an interesting trip to the post office. Rather than the typical bills and junk mail, there was a great big box with my name on it. I wasn't expecting anything like this, so when I opened it up I was very surprised to find the box tightly packed with DVDs. You're probably saying to yourself, "that lucky devil". Well you're right, because SRS Cinema was kind enough to send me most of their catalogue in order to get some press for their films. While The Undertow was a pretty decent film, this one just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Bill Conrad (Stiv H) is desperately searching for his missing daughter, who disappeared roughly a year ago. He has given up his job, his marriage, and any contact with society in his pursuit to uncover what happened to her. While out on the road near the location he believes she disappeared, he sees a man stumbling through the brush, wearing torn clothing and covered in blood. The man (Neville Millar) says his name is Andy, and that he was with Bill's daughter only two hours ago. Bill obviously starts to lose his mind, angrily threatening Andy to take him to the last place he saw his daughter. On their way there, Andy tells the story of how he met her, and why they were separated. Cue the flashback. Andy and his friend Jason (Shiv Nagpal) are wandering through the woods looking for a location to shoot a film they are planning when they got lost. They stumble across a paint ball park and discover a cabin full of bodies, with one of the men still alive. They try to help him, but are interrupted by a man who takes the body and throws it into the back of a van. One thing leads to another, and Jason ends up kidnapped by the man. Andy tracks him down to a small shed in the woods, where he finds Jen Conrad (Rebecca Scales), the daughter who has supposedly been missing for a year. While the three of them barricade themselves inside the house and try to think of a plan, Jen tells them of the last group of people who tried to escape, and that in order to live through this, they'll have to play the killer's game.

Well first things first, this movie was downright awful. And I do mean awful. Low budget or not, this script had more holes in it than Sonny Corleone's car. A lot of these holes could be attributed to the "twist" ending, but they were still occurring way too often for the movie to make much sense. For starters, one of the men was shot in the back with a sniper rifle, but within a few minutes was running around and swinging weapons as if it'd never happened. Then there was the fact that they left the house several times, and rather than make a run for it, they would grab something outside that was completely useless and run back in. I'm not going to go into every last detail about this film, but just believe me when I say it was hard to watch.

I'm not sure where director Steve Looker got his actors from, but I swear I could have done a better job myself. Neville Millar and Shiv Nagpal were both completely void of talent, and it was painful to watch them struggle through every scene like a kid in a high school play. They didn't know where to put their hands, where to look, or even so much as put any emotion into their voices. I think the main problem with this movie was the fact that Steve Looker wrote, directed, produced, and edited the entire thing. That is a lot of work for one person, and even though it's a small film, it shouldn't be done all by one person. It seems that all low budget movies suffer from that bad audio/visual element, but I think this was one of the worst I've seen yet. A lot of the time you couldn't hear what people were saying over the background score. There was also more than one scene which had two people talking to each other, but one person sounded like they were yelling through a metal air duct.

I recommend you stay far far away from this one. It deserves a 0/10, but since they tried to throw in a twist ending - no matter how cliched and poorly written it was - I have to give them at least one point. That, and my brother and I had good fun laughing at how atrocious the film actually was.

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Nirrad #1: Nirrad - added 10/02/2008, 11:20 PM
It was alright I guess. I didn't really pay attention to it throughout the movie, but in the end it did catch my attention. And as yo said, a few good laughs. A solid 3/10!
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