Trailer Park Of Terror (2008)

DVD Cover (Summit Entertainment)
Genres: Hixploitation, Horror, Supernatural Horror, Zombie Film
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Steven Goldmann Steven Goldmann
Nichole Hiltz Nichole Hiltz
Lew Temple Lew Temple
Jeanette Brox Jeanette Brox
Myk Watford Myk Watford
Michelle Lee Michelle Lee

5.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by bluemeanie
Added: November 04, 2008
Don't know what it was that made me want to check this film out. I caught the trailer online and thought it looked like a quality production, but this isn't my general type of flick. I was put-off by country music star Trace Adkins being featured prominently in the film, and I was put-off by the Rob Zombie-esque approach to the whole trailer park mentality. I didn't come from a trailer park, but I have know people from trailer parks and none of them are quite how they are portrayed in horror films or comedies or on television. Alas, "Trailer Park of Terror" was a hoot from beginning to end -- a treat of a horror/comedy that doesn't skimp in the gore or the comedy departments.

The star of the film is Norma (Nichole Hiltz), who grew up dirt poor in a trailer park, abused and beaten her entire life. She can't seem to escape. One day she has enough and gets revenge on everyone in the trailer park. Flash forward a few years later and a group of troubled teens stumble along from a Christian camp with their fearless leader, Pastor Lewis (Matthew Del Negro). Their bus has an accident and they find themselves stranded at the same trailer park that Norma revenged. Norma takes them in with open arms and offers them a place to stay for the night, only after telling them a gruesome story about how her mother died. The problem -- Norma is dead, and her ghost haunts the park, as do the spirits of all those backwoods people she took revenge on years prior. The rest of the film is the teens running scared from a mean and hungry pack of demon ghosts out for some fun.

There is nothing groundbreaking in this film. It stays true to all the basic slasher film cliches, but it has such a strange and unique sense of humor. I loved the obese woman who's always hungry for meat. I loved the actor who played the cameraman and the butcher -- he was absolutely hysterical. The most colorful characters are the dead people at the trailer park and they make the film worth watching. The teens come in secondary to them and they get dispatched in varying ways, the most disturbing being when one of them is literally skinned alive right before our very eyes and then tossed in the deep fryer. It's played for high comedy and it works. A film like "Hostel" takes itself too seriously, which is why the violence is so tasteless. Here, they are going for tasteless and they're making it as goofy and as laughable as possible.

The film reminded me of "Dead and Breakfast", a zombie film I enjoyed quite a bit. It had this weird blend of horror and comedy and comic book sensibility and even musical. "Trailer Park of Terror" has all those elements. It was based on a horror comic book series and I think it translates well to the screen. As for Trace Adkins, he only pops up for a brief time in the film and he's very effective. The dude's a pretty solid actor. "Trailer Park of Terror" might be one of the best horror films I've seen this year just for its inventiveness and its freshness and its willingness to go for the laugh even when the gasp might be more plausible. It worked for me. It made me laugh. 8.5/10.
bradbunson #1: bradbunson - added 11/12/2008, 08:34 PM
I am all about the horror/comedy films, this movie was not as comical as I wanted. And I would no way did it remind me of i Dead and Breakfast, except for the musical parts in the movie. But Dead and Breakfast had such better acting and better gore, and the zombie dance scene had my in tears. I have seen Dead and Breakfast 3 or 4 times, and I don't see myself watching Trailer Park of Terror more than two times, it had a low replay value in my mind. Some of the characters I did enjoy and I loved the home made camera scene where the teens were on the bed and the zombies were filming them. That reminded me of the first August Underground with its raw video and helpless victims. But over all I would give it a solid 7. Giving this film anything higher is not right because its lack of comedy in my sense of humor, and lack or gore (excluding the arm slicing scene which was pretty damn good).
Chad #2: Chad - added 11/20/2008, 03:41 PM
I put this one off for ages because it looked much more likely to be a 'miss' than a 'hit', but this review made me bump it up to the top of my Netflix queue. Damned glad you reviewed this, because it turned out to be really freaking good. I loved how it was basically one big homage to a certain movie (I won't say which one because it kinda spoils the ending of this one, but it's mentioned by name here), but at the same time, brings plenty of originality to the table. 9/10... oh, hell, 10/10.
Dametria #3: Dametria - added 06/03/2009, 12:01 AM
I thought it was awsome. Super cheezy teen slasher + redneck zombies = HILARIOUS. THe special effects were damn good too, I wasnt expecting too much for a low budget straigh to DVD flick but they pulled it off. Plot was shaky at best but who cares its all about the characters in this one.
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