Mulberry Street (2006)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
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Creature Film, Horror, Zombie Film
Jim Mickle Jim Mickle
Nick Damici Nick Damici
Kim Blair Kim Blair
Ron Brice Ron Brice
Bo Corre Bo Corre
Tim House Tim House

5.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: July 20, 2009
Looking through the sentence long synopses for the remaining movies in the After Dark Horrorfest, Mulberry Street quickly caught my eye. Wererats? You don't see that very often. In the right hands, that premise could have yielded an amazing movie. Of course, in the right hands that movie would not be the same Mulberry Street I just sat through.

Some rich guy named Crome is buying up old buildings as fast as he can in one of the more run down areas of Manhattan, looking to reconstruct the area into something profitable. Naturally, eviction notices are flying right and left, and it just so happens that Clutch's building catches one of them. Clutch is a retired boxer who is loved by pretty much everybody in the building. He takes care of the elderly guys upstairs, and has caught the eye of Kay, the woman downstairs. He's also something of a father figure to Kay's son and the long time friend of Coco, a gay man also in the building. The eviction notice still isn't enough to bring down Clutch's spirits however, as his daughter, Casey, is coming home from the war. It's the least of his problems anyway. A group of especially aggressive rats have made their presence known, and the victims of their bites soon find themselves transforming into rat-like creatures, insatiably hungering for flesh. With these feral creatures quickly overtaking the city, Clutch takes it on himself to protect his friends, including Kay, who is working at a bar a few blocks down, and Casey, who's somewhere in the city, trying to fight her way to her father.

First off, I would like to direct the men and women who filmed this movie to this link. Complaints about the Braveheart-cam technique are nothing new, but this just might be the worst I've ever seen it. Many movies try and make the action scenes more immersive by shaking the camera around (hence, you can't see what's going on), but this guy must have been a full blown epileptic who just got hit by a strobe light. This was beyond shaky to the point where I swear he was just winging the damn thing around like he was trying to hit somebody with it. Not only that, but usually filmmakers will calm down for non-action scenes. We didn't even get that common courtesy. There's a scene where Clutch instructs Kay's son to get dressed and come to his apartment. Cut to the kid putting on jeans, with the camera shaking around so you can't see what's going on.

Also, the effects were awful. I know that not everybody has a million dollars to throw around for special effects, but a little bit of effort would have gone a long way. For the most part, the "wererats" were merely people with blood on their face and fake teeth in. One or two of them had snouts on, but to be honest it looked kind of ridiculous. The grand finale finally had what appeared to be a halfway decent wererat, but the camera was shaking around so bad you couldn't see what was going on, so who knows. I guess that was their way of hiding the shoddy movie magic. Exacerbating my ill will, the funds they did have were squandered on stupid pointless garbage. For example, one of the characters uses an aerosol flamethrower in self defense. I know each and every one of us has done this at some point in time as children and what did it run us, about five bucks maybe? Instead of just going to the local supermarket and buying some hairspray and a lighter, they went all out and used a computer to throw some digital flames in there. It looked God awful.

There are millions of other minor complaints sprinkled here and there as well, (for example, the director also seemed intent on showing Mulberry Street sign every fifteen minutes or so. Yes, we get it, the apartment is on Mulberry Street. It's still an irrelevant title.) but a lot of them are bad decisions and worse script writing late in the film, so I won't go into it for fear of spoilers, but suffice to say the ending of this annoyed me over and over again. To make a long story short, don't waste your time on this shit. 2/10, although, maybe you'll like it more if you shake your head around so you can't see what's going on.
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