Night Of The Demon (1980)

DVD Cover (Severin Films)
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Overall Rating 46%
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Professor Nugent and his students embark on a journey to locate Bigfoot believed to be responsible for countless deaths. They disturb a Black Magic ritual and eventually uncover the truth about Bigfoot, and his offspring, but who will believe them? --IMDb
Michael Cutt
Michael Cutt
Joy Allen
Joy Allen
Bob Collins
Bob Collins
Jody Lazarus
Jody Lazarus
Rick Fields
Rick Fields
Review by Chad
Added: June 13, 2004
A fisherman is killed while out in the woods, and the only clues left behind are some giant footprints. The police claim that they are fake and were used by some human murderers to cover up their tracks; however, an anthropologist thinks that it was Bigfoot that killed this man. He gathers up some of his students to go out into the woods hunting for Bigfoot, and finds out that the legend is indeed true. As the storyline progresses, he tells the students about more people who have died by Bigfoot's hand, and they also get more of the story from the local towns-people... including a story about Crazy Wanda, who lives alone out in the woods, and is unable to speak due to an incident involving Bigfoot. Our group decides to find Wanda, but as they're camping out in the woods on their first night, something destroys their boat and supplies... so now, there's no turning back.

I've not seen a whole lot of horror films centered around Bigfoot, but from what I've seen, this is definitely the best of the bunch. The storyline, while slow in some spots, moves along quite nicely with only a few spots in the storyline that came off a wee bit... different.

When Wanda was fifteen years old, her preacher father caught her talking to a young guy, so he beat her and kicked her out of his house. While outside, Wanda encounters Bigfoot, who proceeds to rape and impregnate her in an attempt to save his own species from extinction. Wanda gives birth to the baby, but her father thinks it's an abomination of God, so he proceeds to kill it. As a result, Bigfoot is quite pissed off at the human race.

Well, that plot twist sure was a bit unusual, but you can't take away points for not being original. Thankfully though, everything else moves along nicely, even when the group is talking to the townsfolk. Instead of having some long, drawn-out dialogue scenes, we only see different members of the group talking to different people in a documentary-style set of clips, with each person from town getting about ten seconds to tell another detail about Wanda and / or Bigfoot. There's a few other scenes where things do start to slow down a bit, but these are pretty few and far between.

The main focus of this movie seemed to be the gore and the kills, of which there is a huge abundance. We start out seeing the fisherman having his arm ripped off, with the blood from the gushing wound filling up one of Bigfoots footprints in what was quite the cool opening sequence. Since the main group wasn't big enough to have a lot of murders there, the professor tells the group stories of previous murders, which results in a two-three minute flashback of other murders... such as a lumberjack killed with his own ax, or some girl scouts stabbed to death, a biker having his penis ripped off (shown in detail), or even a guy who was in his sleeping bag impaled on some spiked-up branches. Then, when they run out of flashback scenes, we start to see the dream sequences where various members of the group die off in various manners. I lost count of the body count midway through, but there was at least twenty deaths, each shown on-camera. Fans of the gore certainly won't be disappointed here, especially during the final scene which turns out to be an absolute slaughter.

Overall, a worthy film if you want to see an ass-load of kills, but I'd avoid it if you want some sort of decent storyline to go with it. It's not bad enough to where you'd have to fast-forward through parts, but it's definitely not worth tracking the video down for it. 6/10 would be the final rating, thanks to all the excellent kills and such.
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