Someone Else In The Evening (2010)

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Edgar Muņiz Edgar Muņiz
Laura Benson Laura Benson
Daniel Eugene McCarty Daniel Eugene McCarty
Joe Freeman Joe Freeman
Mo Shirazi Mo Shirazi
Zuleika Gallo Zuleika Gallo

5.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Drama, Romantic Drama, Showbiz Drama
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Review by Tobes
Added: March 23, 2010
As someone who just recently started doing reviews on this site, one thing I've definitely noticed is that even though there might be thousands of words and ideas going through my head that I want to share, it's sometimes hard to find the proper way or wording to do so. It's extremely frustrating at some points, and this for me is something that's fun and a great way to unwind. If this was an actual job, I can only imagine the stress that would be involved if I was under a time line and was having a day when I was blocked mentally.

"Someone Else In The Evening" is director Edgar Muniz's look into the world of filmmaking, and the trials and tribulations that go along with it. Eva (Laura Benson) is desperately trying to make her student film for her Masters, but keeps running into mental roadblocks along the way. Between the feeling that the film is never "right", whether it be casting or script, and her only relationship (being part of a married man's affair), she's desperately struggling to hold onto something in her life.

As the movie progresses, Eva starts to fall further and further behind her time line for graduation, and starts to become more and more disillusioned with her film. She's trying to make a movie about love, and as all of the issues in her life progress, she keeps coming up with new concepts for what the movie should be. I'm sure we can all imagine how hard it would be to make a film about love, which is one of the hardest emotions in life to express in a way that everyone would understand. Trying to express this while feeling miserable about yourself and your standing in life in those regards seems to be near impossible for Eva, who starts taking her frustrations out on her actors as her days get worse.

The film is almost a documentary of sorts, as it shows most of Eva's day to day activities, as well as her process of how she's working on different aspects of the film. The movie as a whole is pretty meta, as Laura Benson is one of the co-writer's of the movie. It's an interesting concept to reflect upon while watching, since you have to wonder how much of Laura is shown in the Eva character.

"Someone Else In The Evening" is a decent enough movie, but I feel like it could have been a short film instead of a full length movie. Some of the concepts that are shown become a little repetitive towards the end, and you're never really shown enough about Eva to care about the issues she's having, or at least I didn't. It seems a lot like it was a way to vent about maybe having some writers block in making the movie, and wanting to get it all out while creating the movie.

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