The Doom Generation (1995)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
Gregg Araki Gregg Araki
James Duval James Duval
Rose McGowan Rose McGowan
Johnathon Schaech Johnathon Schaech
Cress Williams Cress Williams
Skinny Puppy Skinny Puppy

6.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Crime, Crime Thriller, Gay & Lesbian Films, Road Movie
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Review by benloveshorror
Added: January 02, 2011
Rose McGowan and James Duval star as foul-mouthed Amy Blue and sensitive Jordan White. They have been dating for three months. One night, they save a drifter named Xavier (Johnathon Schaech) from some skinheads. When they go to a convenience store that same night, the clerk aims a gun at them because they don't have the money to pay him. So Xavier shoots the clerks head off. And that begins a wild ride of sex and violence.

The Doom Generation is yet another reason why I favor independent movies over big-budget blockbusters. It has a mean streak and an edge, and has a ton of stuff that you're not going to see in something that's number one at the box-office. It has a ton of stuff that will turn off the average movie watcher, but a lot of it turned me on.

If The Doom Generation has one problem, it's that it peaks early. The best scenes occur early on, such as the convenience-store clerk getting his head literally shot off. And then, off screen, his wife kills herself and her three children because she can't deal with her husband being dead. But we are greeted with the aftermath of the killings. All of that stuff is great, and there are some other moments of greatness after that, but none of them as intense.

There is a lot of sex here. Anyone who has ever wanted to see Rose McGowan nude, will definitely get an eyeful. James Duval and Johnathon Schaech also get naked once or twice. McGowan and Duval have a sex scene in a bathtub that is very hot. And while they are having sex, Schaech watches them while masturbating. We then see him licking his cum off his finger. I'm sure a lot of people might would find that disgusting, but I thought it was one of those moments of greatness that I mentioned.

All of the performances are good for such a small film. McGowan is the best. She's feisty and sexy as Amy. James Duval is good as well, as the boyfriend who doesn't mind that Amy has sex with Xavier. And Parker Posey has an amusing cameo.

Not all of The Doom Generation works, and judging by a lot of the comments I've read online, it's a love it or hate it film. I didn't quite love it, but I surely didn't hate it. Let's just say I really liked it. It has a lot of profane and twisted dialogue, a few bloody moments, and a lot of sexy moments. 8/10.
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AttnDefDis #1: AttnDefDis - added 01/02/2011, 10:17 PM
I totally own this movie and I pull it out once in a while for sure, but there are some moments that make me cringe. My favorite part about this movie is that it's what got Rose McGowan cast in Jawbreaker. Which is her best performance to date, in my opinion. Well, that and Lewis and Clark and George, but she also steals the show in this movie. Though, all of the performances were great. I'm with you on the independent films for sure. Those are some of my favorites and I do appreciate what they can get away with, but sometimes I feel like they take it too far just because they can. I also loved some of the scenery in this movie. I mean all of the bizarre hotel rooms they stayed in and the Nine Inch Nails heavy soundtrack was also great.
grain of sand #2: grain of sand - added 02/23/2011, 05:25 AM
Fantastic film. Love it. if you enjoyed this then you'll almost definitely enjoy Kaboom. This is definitely a perfect example of indie filmmaking by Greg Araki with that extra 90's pizazz. Over the top, daring and influential as all hell. I disagree that it blows its load too soon, I think it keeps a steady stream of tension whether it be comediic violence, gratuitous sex or awkward as fuck situations/characters the whole time. Soundtrack was terrific also fitting in all type of shit, more favorably the jesus and mary chain and SLOWDIVE.
One small complaint that didn't really bother too hard was some of the 90s dialogue, it just lost me some places..

George Snow #3: George Snow - added 03/06/2011, 09:55 PM
I really wanted to enjoy this. But, I didn't. I started FFing about a half hour in. I'd let it run during the sex scenes and that was about it. The messed up part there's a few similarities between Doom and Us Sinners. Lots of CUs, the guy jerking off on the bed, and the Mother Mary statue going where it shouldn't. I had to check the year. But,it would have been me to rip them off, because I shot Us Sinners in 2005.

But, I think Us Sinners kicks this movie's ass. With the exception of McGowan's tits. Those are fucking nice.
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