Anatomy Of Hell (2004)

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Overall Rating 45%
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A man rescues a woman from a suicide attempt in a gay nightclub. Walking the streets together, she propositions him: She'll pay him to visit her at her isolated house for four consecutive nights. There he will silently watch her. He's reluctant, but agrees. As the four nights progress, they become more intimate with each other, and a mutual fascination/revulsion develops. By the end of the four-day "contract", these two total strangers will have had a profound impact on each other. --IMDb
Amira Casar
Amira Casar
Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi
Alexandre Belin
Alexandre Belin
Manuel Taglang
Manuel Taglang
Jacques Monge
Jacques Monge
Review by Chad
Added: September 25, 2011
Somehow, Anatomy of Hell wound up in my Netflix queue. I'm sort of hazy on why I added it: maybe I heard someone recommend it years ago, or maybe I saw it mentioned in an article somewhere, or maybe it ranked high on some "best of" list. I can tell you that the Netflix description wasn't the reasoning behind it, but for whatever reason, it found a place in my queue. So, today was the day that I sat down and watched it, and going in, I really had no idea as to what to expect. By the time it wrapped up, I found myself wishing that I could remember why I queued it up so that I could slap whoever prompted me to put it on my to-see list.

If you are a man-hating feminazi who digs French arthouse flicks, you may be able to find a deep storyline here. If you are not, then sorry, there is nothing to the plot. It centers around a gay guy (porn star Rocco Siffredi) who finds a suicidal woman (Amira Casar) at a gay club, where she is cutting her wrists because "she is a woman." He takes her to a doctor, and the woman repays the gay guy by giving him a blowjob under a tree. She then makes him an offer: she will pay him to "watch her where she is unwatchable." In other words, she wants him to come to her house and do a close-up inspection of her vagina and asshole. Insert a lot of gratuitous nudity and shock moments, and you have the "storyline" driving Anatomy of Hell.

Director Catherine Breillat obviously hates men. There is one scene where a young boy crushes a baby bird under his shoe (a real bird was killed for this scene). In another scene, a group of young boys inserts the tip of a pair of glasses into a six-year-old's vagina (this scene is shown in graphic detail). These are just random scenes that have no relevance to the actual plot, so this says nothing of the actual storyline. There, we get stereotypical portrayals of gay men ("they hate / are afraid of women!"), tampon sucking, menstrual-blood drinking, a close-up of a man using lipstick on the woman's asshole, and yes, there is even a pitchfork inserted into the same orifice. Maybe there is some hidden meaning behind a gay man having sex with a woman, pulling out of her with a gush of menstrual blood, and then sitting there beside her while playing with her blood, but if there is, it was lost on me.

Let me just throw this out there now: this movie did not offend me, nor did it even disgust me. I have seen much more offensive material in other films, and likewise, I have also seen scenes that were much more disgusting in other, better films. I am not slamming the movie because it made me feel queasy (it didn't), and I am not hating on it because it hit a nerve (it didn't). I loathed this movie because it used shock tactics to prove an asinine point, and it didn't even do that well. I hated it because, aside from the "men are scum" message that is shoved in our face for seventy minutes, it has no point and no entertainment value. It is nothing more than a canvas for a feminazi director to share her views on, and unless you share those views, you will get nothing out of this.

I'm not even going to waste any more words on this horrible film. Pick it up if you are interested in watching two lovers share a bloody tampon, if you believe that all men are pigs, and if you need something to do after you get done burning your bra. Everyone else, even those who just want a piece of shock cinema, steer clear of this trash. 0/10.
Tired Tigress #1: Tired Tigress - added 09/27/2011, 03:54 AM
Gave it a fair shot, as I do/will with everything. This review is dead-on accurate. The "shock" was not shocking, and the message (if one existed) was completely lost on me. 0/10
George Snow #2: George Snow - added 10/04/2011, 01:19 AM
After reading this review I had to see the movie. I have to say I found Amira Caser HOT. So, I watched because I enjoyed looking at her naked.

Where I failed, the dialogue was contrived. It's lots of ten dollar sentences that might be poetic. But, I'm not good at figuring out the meaning. Metaphors on top of metaphors give me a headache. So, I found myself FFing through the dialogue. Even though she was naked, when they were talking it dragged.

What I did do for a little while was watch the director being interviewed. This is the story of the first man and woman. She spouts five dollar sentences that only other "artists" of her ilk can understand. I'm too low brow. I can talk about the "deep meaning" behind many of Us Sinners scenes. But, in the end, either it works or it doesn't. Thank God Amira is hot, or else I'd have turned it off.

I'm probably going to send back the movie before watching the whole interview. But, I don't think the shocking moments were suppose to be shocking. I think they were like the action sequences so you don't fall asleep.

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