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The Ghost Lusters (1990)

DVD Cover (Evil Angel)
Hardcore Sex Film, Porn Parody, Sex Horror, Supernatural Horror
Bruce Seven Bruce Seven
Tianna Tianna
Bionca Bionca
Victoria Paris Victoria Paris
Cheri Taylor Cheri Taylor
Lauren Hall Lauren Hall

7.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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A ghost haunts the set of an all-girl porno production. --IMDb
Review by Tobes
Added: December 05, 2011
Kicking off Ghostlusters is two actresses [Tianna / Victoria Paris] arguing about shooting a porn in an abandoned movie lot because of the legendary "ghost" of the studios "with the small tits". They see the ghost [Bionca], and decide it's time to head the library to learn more about their spiritual friend.

We come to find out that the girls were at Monticue Studios, an old film studio where Clara Starlight, an actress who started in an old film called "The Virgin", died in a tragic accident while on set. While looking up the information about the death, the girls decide that it's a great time to fuck each other, and they go to town.

The girls head back to the studio to look for the ghost, and when started by a loud noise, or a swift breeze, or something ridiculous along those lines, they once again decide that "Fear makes me so horny" and go at it again.

After the girls finish up, the ghost of the studios decides that it sucks being a ghost, because she can't feel anything sexual anymore, but decides to play with herself for a while anyway. This is of course culminated with the ghost fucking an exercise bike seat and giving it a blowjob.

Are we keeping up with the story so far? Great.

Continuing on, the girls hear the the ghost moaning and groaning (like ghosts would obviously) while banging the bike seat, and decide to see where the noises are coming from. This leads into the discovery of the ghost, which in turns leads to the threesome of the year. Bonus points because they put one of the girls in gravity boots, hang her upside down from the ceiling, and proceed to have a 2 on the floor/1 on the roof bang.

Eventually, other random girls who I'd assume are friends/co-workers with the living girls show up on set [Cheri Taylor / Lauren Hall / Rene Foxx], and the five girls have a sexy stripper dance party followed by an orgy to close out the film.

Based off of the title, I would have thought this would have been a Ghostbusters parody, but it wasn't. If they were using Ghostlusters because of the fake ghost in the film, they should have named it something a little more fun like "Bike Riding Bimbo", or "On Set Orgytacular".

If you like funny porn parodies, this isn't for you. If you like semi-attractive girls in your porn, this isn't for you. If you like girl on girl sex, or watching girls fuck exercise equipment, you might have a winner here.

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