Lust For Vengeance (2001)

DVD Cover (MVD Visual)
Genres: Erotic Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Thriller
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Sean Weathers Sean Weathers
Michelle Soto Michelle Soto
Julia Cornish Julia Cornish
Tumaini Tumaini
Pierre-Sophia Petion Pierre-Sophia Petion
Jeff Roches Jeff Roches

5.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: December 16, 2011
At the start of this film, an announcer tells us that this is the first Giallo movie made in the U.S.A. I don't know if that claim is true or not. I do know that if it is true, we here in the states should be ashamed of ourselves. I took lots of notes while viewing this film. Unfortunately most of them were about the audio and video quality, and not about plot and character development, because there was really none to speak of.

The movie starts out with a black gloved hand writing out four or five girls names (its hard to tell) on a list titled "payback". So you know that 4 (or 5) girls are going to be getting some payback during the (Short) running time of the movie. This film is not told in the traditional linear fashion. It follows the killers order of preference, which makes things more than a little confusing. At some points in the film you see characters who were dead suddenly back in the film, as the plot focuses on a different victim. There are a couple of moments in the film that instill some mystery of who the killer might be. The girls are spoken to by an investigator (who horribly overacts) about their grade school friend who was recently killed. They tell him about a boy whom she rejected who came back to terrorize and rape her. The boy was remanded to a juvenile detention center, and years later escaped. The girls wonder if he is back for revenge for what happened to him years earlier.

The biggest problem with this film isn't the story line (although it can be confusing), or the acting (which is average at best). No, the biggest problem is the different color filters used throughout the entire film. We have scenes awash in red, blue, green, or faded hues. Some of these are bright to the point of hurting your eyes, and all of them are bright and distracting enough to make it hard to see some of the characters and some of the important action going on in the film. The jerky movement style of filming is irritating as well. It looks like they snipped every other frame out of the picture resulting in the actors looking like they are jerking around. If this was a cheap way to try for the stylish film work of the Giallo pictures, it failed miserably.

This is the 10th anniversary explicit version of the film, which means you can expect a lot of softcore sex scenes that add nothing to the plot, but may be the only enjoyment that you get from the film. There was a decent story trying to get out from this film, but the horrid color filters ruined any momentum that the plot had going for it.

The film is shot in widescreen and even though this is a 2001 film, the color filters used during the film makes the print look terrible. There should have been an option to have them turned on or not. The extras include a featurette, an outtake, trivia and trailers.

Not recommended for anyone except fans of the director. 1/10.
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