Score (1995)

DVD Cover (Tokyo Shock)
Genres: Action, Crime, Crime Drama, Gangster Film
A small time Yakuza thug is thrown into a bloody battle after a bank robbery he was forced into goes wrong when all the men begin to turn on each other a hitch-hiking serial killing couple decide to steal their loot. --TMDb
Atsushi Muroga Atsushi Muroga
Sh Ehara Sh Ehara
Hiroshi Miyasaka Hiroshi Miyasaka
Ryshi Mizukami Ryshi Mizukami
Hitoshi Ozawa Hitoshi Ozawa
Kazuyoshi Ozawa Kazuyoshi Ozawa

6.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: August 16, 2004
Our main character is Chance, a mobster specializing in armed robberies. He was bailed out of prison by a fellow mobster, Colonel. Colonel is the boss around these parts. The Colonel wants Chance and three other mobsters to hold up a jewelry store. Chance has no choice but to take the job. He plans with the other mobsters for two weeks. When the final day comes, everything seems to be going off without a hitch. Until Duck (one of the mobsters) gets shot in the shoulder. Chance ends up killing a cop in his defense but managed to make it out alive. Now that the robbery was over, they were to meet at an abandoned warehouse and wait for the Colonel to come with the money. As the two jewel thieves make their way to the abandoned warehouse, they come across two hitchhikers (TJ and Sarah).

Sarah tries to get the two to stop, but Duck starts to lose it and thinks they are after the jewels. He stomps on the gas, almost hitting Sarah. As TJ's listening to the radio, a broadcaster talks about the robbery and the kind of cars the men were driving. TJ figured he could steal the jewels easily, so off the two go. When Chance and Duck arrive at the warehouse, the other two mobsters (Tequila and Right) are already waiting for them. They make their way upstairs to a little room to wait for the boss.

They notice Sarah snooping around downstairs, Right is sent to chase her off. It ends up being a distraction so TJ can come in from behind and grab the jewels. He does just that, and picks up a gun for good measures. He kills Duck, takes Tequila hostage, and chases the other two downstairs as Sarah makes her way up to TJ. Sarah and TJ, along with Tequila, make their way up the air vent and into a different room where Chance follows them and starts up a shoot-out. Tequila gets free and grabs the bag of jewels. On their way out, Chance shoots and explosive container, send the two of them down a set of stairs.

Thinking Chance is dead, Tequila takes the jewels and begins to leave with them, planning to keep them for himself. But he's stopped by Right and forces him to show where Chance is. On the way out, Tequila shoots right in the gut and starts heading out once again. Chance ends up being alive and catches Tequila driving off from one of the higher levels in the building. She shoots him in the shoulder, causing him to lose control of the wheel. The car hits a pile of trash and flips. Chance goes to reclaim the jewels, but when he gets there, Tequila is no where to be found. Back in the warehouse looking for him, he sneaks up on Chance from behind.

Tequila searches Chance for weapons and comes across a passport and plane ticket. It seems as if Tequila caught on to his plan. His life shortly ends when Right shoots him to protect Chance. When they check out the bag of jewels, all they find is sand. During the shoot-out, Sarah put the jewels in an empty paint can and put a bunch of sand in the bag. TJ and Sarah try to get away with the jewels but are stopped by Right when he shoots out one of the tires of their vehicle. Chance and TJ where on top of the truck fighting. Sarah ended up dying, TJ was knocked out as he rolled into a tree. Right and Chance went back to the warehouse to wait for Colonel to bring them their money. The Colonel did arrive, though he had other plans in mind.

An awesome crime movie. Whenever someone got shot, massive amounts of blood would shoot out from the wounds. It looked incredibly real. Though a downer for the gun shots was that everyone got shot in the shoulder. Chance was being chased in the beginning, someone shot an arrow at him and it nicked his shoulder. When leaving the jewel store after the robbery, Duck got shot in the shoulder by one of the cops. During the shoot-out with the two hitchhikers, TJ, Sarah, and Tequila got shot in the shoulder. Right was shot in the shoulder twice and then hit with an arrow near the end, same with Chance. There was very little gun shots to any other parts of the body until the final battle at the end. That irritated me to no end.

Other than that, the movie was good. The ending has an unexpecting twist that I won't dare to spoil. The plot was the same as a lot of other crime movies, but had a dash of excitement to it thanks to the two hitchhikers. Unfortunately, the hitchhikers weren't that good of actors. I wasn't too keen on Duck's performance either. But he didn't have that large of a roll, so it was alright. What made the hitchhikers so bad was the script. It was mostly because of Sarah yelling "TJ" in an annoying high pitched voice constantly, and then TJ knowing exactly where to look to solve the problem.

For example, when Right pulled up behind them when they were trying to get away with the jewels in the truck, Sarah yelled TJ and without looking at her, he immediately looked in his side view mirror and saw that Right was behind them. It was that type of bad script writing that drew the movie down a few notches. Along with the shoulder-only shots. Like I said before, the movie was good. It was filled with action and had a fast pace to it. If you're into the crime genre, give this film a watch.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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