Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy (1976)

DVD Cover (Code Red DVD)
Genres: Comedy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Fantasy Comedy, Musical Comedy, Musical Fantasy, Porn Parody, Softcore Sex Film
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Bud Townsend Bud Townsend
Kristine DeBell Kristine DeBell
Bucky Searles Bucky Searles
Gela Nash Gela Nash
Ron Nelson Ron Nelson
Alan Novak Alan Novak
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6.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: February 26, 2015
It's been over a year since my friend Kerri passed away, and the time hasn't done much in the way of healing. Being her birthday has come around again, I thought I'd put together another round of adaptations based on her favorite book: Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. After two years I'm starting to run out of movies, so I've decided to add a porn parody that came out in the seventies. Kerri would have found it funny, so why not?

Poor Alice. Not only is her nose constantly in her studies, but her prudish upbringing is pushing her boyfriend William away. After all, she's got a nice body, but she's convinced that the proper thing to do is to save her virginity until she's married. As she settles down after work with a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, she begins to wonder if maybe she is just a bit too uptight. These thoughts are going to have to be put on hold however, as a White Rabbit suddenly runs past her and jumps through the looking glass. She quickly follows after it, and in her pursuit meets a collection of crazy characters that try and convince her that maybe sex isn't such a bad thing after all.

Turns out, this wasn't actually as straightforward of a porn as I expected. Perhaps the 'Musical' bit in the title should have clued me in, but this is actually more of a highly sexual comedy than something you'd pop in expecting to jerk to. Sure, there's a few extended sex scenes, some more explicit than others, but the way they're shot and their accompanying backing tracks makes them appear like something out of a documentary. It's an interesting approach that goes hand-in-hand (not taking the easy jokes here) with the movie's theme of "sex is a natural, beautiful thing". Of course, that's when they're not being played for laughs. Trust me, there's no deeper meaning in seeing Alice and two naked lesbians help "re-energize" a flaccid Humpty Dumpty before dancing around in a circle singing "His Ding-a-Ling's Up."

Something else I wasn't quite expecting is how good the acting was. Well, maybe good was a bad word, but they certainly weren't bad either. In her debut role, Kristine Debell handled Alice just fine, and I had no trouble buying both her indignation at her new friends' sexual freedom or her reluctant but growing enjoyment at the pleasures sex has to offer. Larry Gelman and Alan Novak also had a nice chemistry for their banter. It ends at banter if you're curious, the White Rabbit and Hatter didn't get a scene together. In fact, none of the actors, many playing multiple roles, were a problem. Who'd have seen that one coming?

It's not much of a porn, but if you like your comedy with a healthy sexual slant, you're going to love this one. Kerri would have found it hysterical. 7/10,
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