The Majorettes (1987)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show Reissue)
Genres: Cheerleading, Horror, Slasher Film
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S. William Hinzman S. William Hinzman
Kevin Kindlin Kevin Kindlin
Terrie Godfrey Terrie Godfrey
Mark V. Jevicky Mark V. Jevicky
Sueanne Seamens Sueanne Seamens
Denise Huot Denise Huot

4.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: March 20, 2004
The Majorettes start out with practicing their routine. As the characters names start coming out, Nicole is the first one to get some action. She asks some dork out on a date. On their date, they get attacked by the killer that is dressed in camouflage fatigues. He rips through the cloth top of his convertible and slices both of their necks with a knife. There's now a baptism in progress with the group of people that are watching, the sheriff being one of them, he gets taken aside by a deputy to tell him about the killings. The next day, the Majorettes are shown practicing out on the football field while the school janitor (Harry) is watching them from the bleachers. He's soon confronted by a gang of some sort. They all resemble the gay biker from the Village People. They bother her about drug money and then hit the road.

Barbra is the next Majorette to kick the can. As she's home alone, she goes for a dip in her swimming pool. She's murdered by the same fellow and method, knife to the throat. A detective that was called in to work with the sheriff goes to a church (the one that the priest giving the baptism works at) to question the priest about the killings. Which breaks out into a gigantic preaching from the priest. Back at the school, Judy and her boyfriend, Jeff, get into an argument which leaves her alone in the girls shower... where she gets murdered with that ever so common knife to the throat. Jeff was waiting outside for her when another Majorette (Vicky) bumps into him. Jeff and Vicky go look for Judy as they find her stuffed in a locker, dead.

They go to the police and are shortly sent off. Jeff has to bring Vicky back to school so she can get her car. When they get there, they are met by the homosexual Village People bikers. The gang kidnaps the two kids, in their van, and take them to an abandoned warehouse where the leader Mace tries to rape Vicky. Harry then appears telling the gang not to kill Vicky. When everyone starts freaking out, Harry, Vicky, and one of the gang members all get killed as Jeff gets shot. With Jeff surviving, he gets in the car that Harry drove and went to his house to get an automatic machine gun. Going to Mace's hideout (a trailer home) he gets his revenge by killing everyone of them.

What happened to the killer? His identity is revealed earlier in the film, but after the sheriff tells Jeff and Vicky to get lost, the story immediately jumps to the gang and continues that way until the last few minutes. The should explain what I thought of the story line, if not... it stinks. The plot was very dull. A killer after teenage girls, that's never been done before. Every piece of the acting sucked. Whenever the Majorettes would be practicing, they would all be off beat and bumping into each other. Which wouldn't have been a big deal if the coach didn't tell them "good job" every time they finished.

Out of the ten or so Majorettes, only three of them died from the killer and one from the gang. The others were never even mentioned or seen from other than at the practices. The knife to the throat killings quickly came repetitive after Nicole recieved the treatment. They were also badly done, far worse than a half assed job. The knife would be shown cutting the throat, nothing there, cut away, cut back to a big slice in the throat with very little blood. Thankfully the decent amount of shootings had a decent effect to them. Some good blood flying from each shot when they hit the bodies. Those all took place when the gang had their big grand finale.

There was some things that went unexplained through last gang fight. Like how Jeff got Harry's car started when Harry was shown putting the keys into his pocket before he went into the warehouse. And how Jeff knew exactly where the gang lived. Jeff also blew up the gang's van by putting his shirt into the gas tank and lighting it on fire. Then right before the explosion, there's no shirt and the gas tank door is shut. That's not really going unexplained, but just a mess up.

Due to the decent looking Majorettes sometimes giving nude breast shots and them being barely dressed through the entire film, this movie doesn't totally suck. But to throw the movie down to the ground again, the killings revolve around religion. The Majorettes are teases and have evil souls. Killing them and purifying their dead bodies will send them to heaven. To cover up those of you who thinking that's giving away the killer, it's not the priest doing the killings. In any event, I wouldn't mess with this movie unless all you care about is some teenage nudity and can get pass every other horrid thing this movie has.

Final Conclusion: 3/10
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