Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show)
Detective Film, Giallo, Mystery, Thriller
Umberto Lenzi Umberto Lenzi
Antonio Sabato Antonio Sabato
Uschi Glas Uschi Glas
Pier Paolo Capponi Pier Paolo Capponi
Rossella Falk Rossella Falk
Marina Malfatti Marina Malfatti

6.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: April 02, 2004
Within the first five minutes of the film, the murderer makes an appearance, he kills a hooker, there's breasts show, and some blood to finish it all up. The murderer goes on to kill another female, more breasts. Then the third killing is attempted on a very popular clothes designers wife, Giulia. When the murderer fails in killing her, the designer/her husband (Mario) decides to get involved since the cops are being of no help. Which proves to be even more true through out the movie as more females get killed.

As you can read, it's your typical Giallo film. Unknown person goes around killing people, people who are involved with the victims have to figure out why the person is killing and then stop them. For such a basic plot, it's a very interesting film. There's only one gory scene in the movie and that's when the sixth female is killed from a power drill to the heart. Not gory, actually, just bloody, which is close enough. The rest of the killings are from beatings and getting strangled, which were well performed by each of the actors.

The killer's identity is given away a little after the middle of the film, but the script has it ignored to the point where you forget about it almost as quickly as the scene ends and the movie carries on. The acting is good and the dub-overs are that of the same. The plot is very bland, as mentioned before, but the story helps it out a lot. The title actually fits around the story as it slowly explains why seven women are being killed, how they were picked and what not. If you're a fan of Lenzi, this should be added to your collection.

Final Conclusion: 6/10
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