Vegas In Space (1991)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Comedy, Science Fiction
Three soldiers are ordered to change their gender (via a pill) and are sent on a secret mission (undercover as show girls) to the women only planet of Clitoris' capital city "Vegas in Space." Once they arrive, they must maneuver through complex politics and decadent parties, to uncover a plot to disrupt the most important pleasure planet in the Universe. --IMDb
Phillip R. Ford Phillip R. Ford
Doris Fish Doris Fish
Miss X Miss X
Ginger Quest Ginger Quest
Ramona Fischer Ramona Fischer
Lori Naslund Lori Naslund

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: February 25, 2004
The secret mission is for these soldiers to find a prestigious gem called the Girlinium that was stolen. As it's four soldiers in the beginning, it's quickly reduced to three after Dick takes two sex-changing pills and evaporates into nothingness. Sheila and Debbie are actually females, as for the captain Traci is a man dressed in drag. There's a collection of men in drag and females on the planet Clitoris. It's hard to make out who's what, due to everyone wearing the most ridiculous face paint and costume outfits ever. Shelia is the only attractive one in the movie and is the only thing that kept me watching.

If you thought those city buildings made out of cardboard and toys from the old Godzilla films, think again. They are back in full force on this movie. Along with the cardboard and toys, there's actually make-up and perfume bottles used as buildings. Can't forget about the black screened space background with toy ships on strings for the outer space scenes. And the inside of the ship the soldiers were in was basically a big drawing. All the controls, levers, chairs, everything was drawn on poster boards and taped to the wall.

The script in this is also beyond wretched. Although, Debbie did manage to ask the tough question when the crew was told they had to turn into females. "Change sex?! But we only have dude clothes." And to be P.C., they managed to keep the god and jesus remarks out of it with phrases like "Saint Ann-Margret preserve us." Debbie also managed to get the best named piece of clothing on the planet, a hot karl baby doll nightie. And to top it off with a classic joke. "How many space queens does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. This is the twenty third century! Nobody screws light bulbs anymore."

Even by the cover you know this movie isn't good. But incase you get curious, just put it back. Some would compare it to movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show, To Wong Foo, and Priscilla. It's worse than all of those movies put together. I wouldn't recommend this movie to my worst enemy. If it wasn't for Shelia and the hilarious music score, this movie would be completely unwatchable. Even giving it this high of a rating pains me.

Final Conclusion: 2/10
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