CanniBallistic! (2002)

DVD Cover (Dead Alive Productions)
James Felix McKenney James Felix McKenney
Don Wood Don Wood
Laura Sweeney Laura Sweeney
Winston Bramen Winston Bramen
Turquoise Taylor Grant Turquoise Taylor Grant
John Levene John Levene

5.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Cannibal Film, Horror
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Review by Chad
Added: April 09, 2004
Our hero Will, is going out on a camping trip with an outdoorsman type of guy. The guy is going on and on about the land and such, and Will is paying a bit too much attention to him; he crashes into a tree, flipping the car. Will is unharmed, but his buddy was killed in the accident. Will has a bit of a problem, however; he's trapped in the car and must eat his buddy in order to live. After being traumatized by this, he turns vegetarian and moves out to the country to get away from the city life, but he starts getting cravings for human flesh. After all, if a million people were forced to eat human flesh, a few thousand would probably turn into cannibals, right? So says Will. After watching a diet tape called "Motivation Through Moderation", hosted by Bernie Shanks, Will realizes how he can continue his vegetarian lifestyle and make the cravings go away.

If the plot didn't give it away, this movie isn't a pure horror flick. It's a really nice black comedy with an interesting storyline going on for it, and some great quotes sprinkled throughout. His neighbors around the 'hood are some of the lamest people to be found, and you can't help but want to see them get what's coming to them. The supporting cast includes Gene, a hunting redneck kind of guy who has no respect for Will's requests of no hunting on his land. There's Hennah, who is quite the whiny person and who keeps trying to get Will to quit being a vegetarian, and then there's Peggy, who confesses a terrible secret and throws herself all over Will.

The storyline and such moves along quite nicely, but you Hollywood kids might not be able to handle the apparently small budget this film was shot on. It was shot on video and is a bit shaky at times, but nothing that can't be overlooked. Didn't affect my viewing experience at all, but some people may not dig it. The acting by the female cast was lacking a bit, in my opinion. Will was quite good in his role, and Gene was humorous in his scenes, but the ladies just didn't work out very well. Hennah didn't seem very good at acting, as if she was reading cue cards or something. Peggy was better than her, but overacted in some of her scenes. Neither of these ladies had oodles of on-screen time though, so it's all good. Again, the budget didn't seem to be insanely high in this movie, so the gore and such lacks a bit. There's plenty of blood to be found, but no shots of the people being cut apart or anything; that's all done off-camera. That was a bit of a disappointment, but hey, what can you do.

The lighting they used was very nicely done; in most of the various scenes, everything would be lit up with different colors that reflected the mood of the scene. For example, when Will is having a violent dream, everything is lit up in red; when he's sleeping like a baby after a nice meal, it's lit in blue. Very nice touch with those effects. The next-to-last scene is also nicely done with regards to lighting, the way the woman has the hand-light thing and it keeps flickering really adds to the mood. Again, nice touch.

Overall, a nice, humorous little movie that should satisfy fans of black comedies. Worth a check out. 8/10.
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