Chaos (2005)

DVD Cover (Razor Entertainment Director's Cut)
Genres: Horror, Sadistic Horror, Sex Horror
Two girls, looking to score some ecstasy at a rave, follow a young man to a house where terror awaits. There, a gang of felons capture and torment the girls, drawing them into a nightmare of violence. --IMDb
David DeFalco David DeFalco
Kevin Gage Kevin Gage
Sage Stallone Sage Stallone
Kelly K.C. Quann Kelly K.C. Quann
Maya Barovich Maya Barovich
Chantal Degroat Chantal Degroat

4.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: November 12, 2006
A couple of years ago, I heard about an upcoming remake of The Last House on the Left and thought "Great, another fucking remake." Quite a bit of time passed with no news about the project (well, on the news sites I read, anyway), and to be honest, I completely forgot about the movie altogether. Then, the news hit: no longer would this film be considered a remake, as the director and writer felt that the story was original enough to stand on its own. The end result of all this is a film that the cover boasts as being "the most brutal movie ever made": Chaos.

The storyline centers on two young girls - country-girl Emily (Chantal Degroat) and city-slicker Angelica (Maya Barovich) - who head out to a rave party that is taking place in the middle of the woods. Angelica, being used to the wild parties in LA with the never-ending stream of drugs, suggests to Emily that they attempt to score some Ecstasy. They eventually bump into a guy at this party who introduces himself as Swan (Sage Stallone) and since he looks like your typical stoner, the girls immediately ask about his drug connections. He assures them that he has access to some of the best E ever made, and nothing more needs to be said as the trio heads over to his residence. When they get there, the girls realize that the whole "never talk to strangers" thing is a piece of advice that should be heeded more often in this day and age, due to the fact that this little cabin is home to a trio of truly sadistic people. The girls quickly find out that these people - Chaos (Kevin Gage), Daisy (Kelly K.C. Quann), and Frankie (Stephen Wozniak) - sent Swan out to find a couple of "toys" for them to have some fun with, and what follows is about an hour of rape, torture, humiliation, and murder (and not necessarily in that order).

Regardless of the "official" remake status, it's easy to see that the storyline is almost exactly the same (even the ending is the same, save for a few details). However, there are some key differences between the two movies that will make this worth your time.

The first big difference is that this one succeeded where Last House failed: it actually made me feel for the characters involved. I respect Craven's film for what it brought to the genre back in the early seventies, but personally, I feel that it just doesn't stand the test of time. Here, the girls are both believable and sincere, while the villains come across as nothing less than pure evil. Also, the entire comedic relief bullshit that Craven inserted into his film is completely absent in this one: once things get going, it never lets you take a breather. Adding to that is the fact that there is no music or score whatsoever after the girls hit the woods - the only thing you hear is dialogue and screams of pain. This is truly a film that will push most viewers to their limits.

The second difference is that this one isn't afraid to show the red stuff; in fact, some of these scenes are almost painful to watch. However, this isn't one of those films that comes across as nothing more than an excuse to show a dozen or so different ways of murdering someone. The kills are spaced out nicely enough (I don't want to reveal any sort of body counts for fear of spoilers), but when someone meets their end, it usually happens in a pretty goddamned vicious manner. I'm not going to reveal any of these death sequences, but I will say that one of them has given me a newfound respect for the time-tested knife as a weapon of choice.

As much as I enjoyed this, I have to disagree with the "most brutal movie ever made" tag line which is featured so prominently on all of the promotional work; however, this downbeat offering definitely ranks up there with some of the best this subgenre has to offer. 9/10.
C L #1: C L - added 04/13/2011, 02:56 AM
Just finished watching this and it's totally Last House On the Left, although the ending was a bit of a surprise. It was good though. "Brutal" at times. Kevin Gage gave a good performance as the main villain. And I also have "a new found respect for the time-tested knife as a weapon of choice". 7/10
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