Dracula 2000 (2000)

DVD Cover (Dimension)
Genres: Horror, Religious Horror, Vampire Film
A group of thieves breaks into a chamber expecting to find paintings, but instead they release the count himself, who travels to New Orleans to find his nemesis' daughter, Mary Van Helsing. --IMDb
Patrick Lussier Patrick Lussier
Gerard Butler Gerard Butler
Christopher Plummer Christopher Plummer
Jonny Lee Miller Jonny Lee Miller
Justine Waddell Justine Waddell
Vitamin C Vitamin C
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4.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: April 23, 2004
So the story here, is that Van Helsing runs an antique shop called Carfax Antiques. However, this store is a front for the storage vault ol' Helsing has behind a huge safe... and what's in this vault? You guessed it, the remains of Dracula. Helsing is trying to find a way to kill him, as all the normal methods for disposing of vampires do not seem to apply to Dracula for whatever reasons. All is fine and well, however, until an unknowing employee of Helsing's figures that since the vault is so heavily guarded, there must be something of value down there. She gets her boyfriend and his crew to stage a robbery, they break into the vault and steal the coffin, figuring that it's a mindfuck to keep thieves out of it. As they're investigating the coffin, it opens up, and out pops Dracula... the fun begins. Now that he's out and about again, Dracula wants to find Van Helsing's daughter Mary for some reason, and Helsing's apprentice must rescue her.

Decent vampire movie, though it did have its faults. The storyline, for the most part, was set up pretty nicely; however, it seemed to follow a trend of going nicely for awhile, and then turning out some pretty stupid twist or event. This also suffered from the one-liners-bug that I despise so much; whenever something happens, be it somebody kills a vampire, a vampire dies, somebody jumps out of somewhere, anything... it's immediately followed by some witty sentence. It wouldn't have been so much of a big deal, had they not thrown one in on every goddamned event, but I digress. The ending, which I won't spoil here, was pretty nicely setup and it was a relatively original concept. However, it makes one wonder why Helsing, who was supposedly trying to figure out a way to kill Dracula over such a long period of time, never bothered to try that? It would seem like one of the first things I'd personally try.

Over on the gore side of things, again, it was pretty decent... though nothing shockingly great. We had the typical stakes through the heart and decapitations, but there was a few that stood out, such as the hedgeclipper decapitation. The blood in these scenes was shockingly sparse though, which I didn't get; if someone gets decapitated, I'd expect that there'd be a fair amount of blood to be shed. But again, I digress.

Overall, an alright vampire flick, but nothing too special. Might be worth a rental if you're a huge fan of vampires, otherwise, avoid. 4/10.
Bluesummers #1: Bluesummers - added 03/07/2005, 03:07 AM
God this movie is dumb. Like. Really, really, really stupid. It's all style, no substance (okay, one bit of substance, but we'll get to that).

Sure, it's dumb. But damn. The Judas idea is pretty smart. Wasting Danny Masterson (who should be more famous than Ashton "I can't play anyone but Kelso" Kutcher) is a bad idea, as is the always good Chris Plummer. The acting isn't bad, thankfully, and Gerard Butler is the BEST Dracula (at least, he looks it, all predatory and shit) since Christopher Lee.

As one last deal, I must say. Sex on the ceiling. Definitely cool!

A great soundtrack, too. And used pretty well throughout the movie.

Anyways. If you want something thoughtful, go for Near Dark or something similar. If you want an empty, dumb vampire movie with sexy people all around, a refined actor slumming, cool music, and a lot of style, this is your ticket.
Tom Moore #2: Tom Moore - added 08/24/2009, 05:44 PM
Could have been a lot better if they had a Dracula that was actually scary, or menacing.
AttnDefDis #3: AttnDefDis - added 08/04/2010, 11:07 PM
The best part about this movie was the soundtrack. Oh, and Danny Masterson and Johnny Lee Miller are hot.
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